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  1. Hello, I´ve recently re-installed the 717 after the update just to check the aircraft after not flying it for about a year or so. Everything works good, but I´m still questioning myself about the throttle response / thrust jump that occurs just a bit out of the first few % N1 after leaving idle. The thrust setting is apparently still jumping from 25-28% rapidly to something around 50-60%, which I find really annoying, especially on approach. Either means you get too much or simply not enough thrust in some cases. I don´t think this is the case in the real 717, albeit I´m open for any advices. I´d like to know if this is some kind of issue that still has not been worked out or an actual "feature" in the real aircraft. I didn´t find any information on this problem in the manuals, deadzones are set to 0 and in every other aircraft my throttle works just like normal. Best Regards & thanks for your help in advance, Felix