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  1. Yes that is what I have SO that is the opt beta ?
  2. Hello, What is the update version it should say in addon manager if it has gone through. It has not come up with an update and still no email.
  3. Good day, I have requested a community beta twice now. One in June 11th 2017 and one today February 18th 2018. I have had the email on both occasions saying, "You will receive an email from us shortly once your account has been setup." I have never got the email back on June 11th or Today. It has been 2hrs now. Here is a picture of what it shows bellow. Should it take this long and still be pending? Oder Number= 5898781355 Thanks, Jack Sparrowhawk
  4. Will do. There may be a problem... Im in London. I was just wondering what tine zones there is going to be.
  5. No Problem. Hello, I can use discord... if not, Is there anything else we can use?
  6. Hello, I have been testing since October. Im one of thoes flight simmers who always changes their settings depending on type of aircraft and always test the performance depending on the updates the company provides. Ill give you a list: PMDG737 4xMSAA FPS: 40-50 (Heavy Rain,Heavy Scenery) AS Airbus (V3) 4xMSAA 40-55fps (Heavy Rain,Heavy Scenery) QW757 (V3) 4xMSAA 30-50fps (Light rain, Medium Scenery) TFDI 717 (V3) 4xMSAA 20-40fps (Clouds light scenery) ——————————————————————— PMDG737 2xMSAA 30-80fps AS Airbus (V4) Unidentified QW757 (V4) Unidentified TFDI 717 (V4) 2xMSAA TrueGlass Cockpit: 3fps. Outside: 50-70fps *Note* This includes addons such as: GSX,Orbx, AS16, AsClouds, PTA, 15addon Airports.
  7. Im going to answer the question on behalf of my settings. I have my v4 settings the exact same as v3... Well near on the same
  8. Hello, I moved from V3 to V4 when V4 came out. I use to get 20-30fps in v3, moving to v4 I got 30-50fps. I was amazed because I was not expecting this. I was flying the 717 constantly! Then when trueglass came out unfortunately I got to 10-15fps. Funny enough I checked out the 717 again today to see if the latest update improved performance. It actually got worse... Only 3-10fps now.
  9. I also had no improvment either.
  10. Yes I see where you are coming from. I have the exact same unfortuntly. Im sure you guys can figure it out:) You are the best developers out there and also now how to please their costumers. Keep up good work, Jack
  11. I tried hardware rendeeing but unfortuntly only a 3fps increase. My CPU temp has increased by 30% since updating to true glass. My CPU speed is 3.30ghz and yes I use chaseplane, when chaseplane is disabled (I have tried) No differnce. Thanks Jack
  12. okay thanks just let me know when you have a posible solution. Thanks, Jack Sparrowhawk
  13. Hello I've got the same problem. I have tried all of this and the same as you. Thanks, Jack