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  1. thanks its only special one from caseking dellided i have it at 1.34volt at 5.1 ghz running very cool max temps in v4 and v5 between 50 and 60 C
  2. first we had the VAS now its vram those that not have gtx1080ti or rtx2080ti can not run v5 not with all the scenery and orbx regions or you need really turn down the sliders to minimum
  3. did flight from EDDF to EHAM with orbx germany north and south and with orbx True earth Netherlands and with AS EDDF and Flytampa amsterdam everything went well vram begin 6.0gb when landed 8.0gb and good fps pc i7 8086k 5.1oc gtx1080ti 11gb 32gb ddr 4 mhz3200 gskill trident z