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    the 717 in V5

    @Senchay I can absolutely confirm your observations and for me, it's just not usable at this time. I'm running medium / moderate settings because I have an older CPU, Textures 2048 and "Dynamic Texture Streaming" enabled (!), resolution is 1080p, so no 4k-stuff for me. The settings are the same as in P3Dv4. PMDG planes for example are no problem, the NGXu for example (even though not compatible yet) is running better than before, same goes for the 747. 30-50 FPS, depending on the scenery, VRAM usage is around 5GB - very rarely, it goes above 6GB but I can't really remember to see those values,
  2. Thank you everybody at TFDi, no issues so far. It's so much fun to fly
  3. This is the release number of the Addon-Manager which is the correct and recent one. Have a look at the tab "Installation", your installed version for Prepar3D v4 should read "" which is the newest update. If you have an older version, there should be a button to update.
  4. Thank you SO much. ❤️ Awesome, finally I can give my Mini-MD-11 it's deserverd love. Now I can patiently wait for the new FS
  5. Hearing the fix might be coming soon is one of the best things I've heard these times Can't deny it, I LOVE this plane but this bug was a real pain all the time. Especially when flying on VATSIM, because eventhough the "workaround" existed, it was a big performance hit on my machine - so I often ended up don't using it and guess what.. "accidently" switched views. Yes, I know, my own stupidity, fair enough But still.. Anyways, I hope it gives you guys some relief and satisfaction as well, finally be able to fixing this together with LM. Thank you in advance. ❤️ You can be sure I w
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