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  1. Just reinstalled to v4, trying to download the product through the addon manager. No joy, I get "The activation system said: There was a problem activating. Please contact the development team," then "There was an issue activating your product" Help! Thanks
  2. mspencer


    Or how about a real TWA livery........ I'm not horrified at the lack of the merger livery.
  3. mspencer

    Flex Temperature - 18.5 Engine Variant

    Oh yay! Thank you! Wonderful tool!
  4. mspencer

    Flex Temperature - 18.5 Engine Variant

    Unfortunately it appears this site is down now? Can anyone confirm?
  5. mspencer Feedback

    I can confirm I've done 2 flights and have seen the top two, pressurization and the AT/descent speed bug.
  6. mspencer Feedback

    Great update generally, FADEC is behaving much better, no issues with rolling back throttles, and the engines are actually responsive on the ground (no 10-15 second spool for taxi thrust). Reversers work again. Only issue I've encountered so far has to do with speed protection and autopilot behavior. The aircraft overspeeded by 60 knots, and despite it being annunciated, the aircraft did not enter any sort of overspeed protection mode. I also noticed something a little odd. When accelerating on departure I activated PROF instead of CLB THRUST 35000, and the aircraft actually started pitching down significantly and losing altitude to gain airspeed, instead of maintaining altitude and gaining airspeed. To my knowledge hadn't seen that behavior before. So far great work though!
  7. mspencer Feedback

    Sweet! Thanks!
  8. mspencer Feedback

    Any chance of a reverser hotfix? I fly for a VA where we have 717s operating on 5,000-7,000 foot runways and it's getting real interesting with max brakes and pray.
  9. mspencer Feedback

    Likewise my reversers have stopped working
  10. mspencer

    717 Throttles stopped responding

    This has so far happened on 2 of my last 2 flights.......... every time I access a menu from the looks. Today right during cruise, an hour or so totally gone... Absolutely no fixing it, AFS off, didn't try the FADEC. Idle thrust and unable to recover.
  11. With the newest "stable" release I'm having a lot of issues lately... I've tried two flights and both have crashed with never-before-seen issues... Tried to program in a procedure at MMSD with a DME arc and the FMC stopped working. Never generated a dump file but both FMCs went black and stopped working. Tried to fly LAX-LAS today, got towards TOD and changed the altitude sel, and P3D crashed with no 717 minidump (It credited terrain.dll with the crash but that doesn't make sense, too convenient that it crashed right as I changed something on the 717). Neither of these events caused a minidump, but I didn't have ANY issues like this in And this is all still in 32-bit P3D, won't be trying V4 for a long time. I guess the 717 is going back to the hangar for the foreseeable future again.
  12. mspencer

    Crash at cruise

    Crashed at cruise about 30 minutes after takeoff. No idea why, no VAS issues, no addons conflicting. Flew a few short sectors fine the other day on 1.076 but after new update it crashed.
  13. mspencer

    Request: AirTran Livery

    Seems wise given the big changes happening to the model. Is a TWA repaint in the works, too? That's the one I'd LOVE to see.
  14. mspencer

    nvwgf2um.dll error continues

    Another flight generated this error, after about 1 hour in cruise flight.
  15. mspencer

    Still trouble with reversers

    I also have issues with the ATS entering retard mode on ground proximity, it's very inconsistent (last 3 flights, 2 yes 1 no).