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  1. Many years as a flight attendant here... Bag issues are as simple as popping your head in the FD and saying "Hey guys we're gate-checking a lot of bags back here it's going to be a minute," and an unruly passenger is a definite call the FD immediately to keep them in the loop. It's effective CRM. My old airline, BrandX, had a 1-4 level classification process for unruly pax, and anything over a 1 was a mandatory inflight irregularity report after the incident, and immediately notifying the pilots. They broke out like this: 1: Not very nice, occasional profanity 2: Verbal abuse, more than occasional profanity 3: Touching of any kind, physical abuse 4: Attempted or actual flight deck breach "Unruly" is a big big big range of things but sounds to me like it would be 2 and 3. I've had the 2's probably 50+ times, been called names, screamed at, had a guy get in my face and call me a few slurs, and the first thing I would do would go back to the galley and pick up the interphone. Would be nice if we could see this in an update!