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  1. Currently TrueGlass is causing a pretty huge VRAM leak for me... was 3.5GB stable at JFK in one aircraft and another less complex one but had TrueGlass pushed up the VRAM use to 5.8GB and it went OOM. Any update? I would say this is pretty much a tech-breaker.
  2. Many years as a flight attendant here... Bag issues are as simple as popping your head in the FD and saying "Hey guys we're gate-checking a lot of bags back here it's going to be a minute," and an unruly passenger is a definite call the FD immediately to keep them in the loop. It's effective CRM. My old airline, BrandX, had a 1-4 level classification process for unruly pax, and anything over a 1 was a mandatory inflight irregularity report after the incident, and immediately notifying the pilots. They broke out like this: 1: Not very nice, occasional profanity 2: Verbal abuse, mo
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