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  1. Hi all, I started getting the "simulator connection error" today after connecting the Honeycomb Bravo throttles. It says it doesn't see the FSUIPC (see screenshot). 1. FSUIPC is indeed installed, the current version (non-registered). 2. Never had issues with the old Saitek throttles. Ironically, if I now uninstall and unplug the Bravo and put old Saitek throttles back in, still getting the same error. 3. I think Honeycomb uses SimConnect but as far as I understand it shouldn't make any difference? 4. No Honeycomb profiles imported or installed, nothing in the sim disabled (at least knowingly lol) Anyone ever got that issue? Not sure what can be done, obviously don't want to reinstall the whole sim. Everything is current/updated, Windows, sim, FSUIPC, smartcars. Like I said, it worked fine just yesterday. Cheers, Chris
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