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  1. Nevermind. I put it in the search box and found it. Thank you, Bob
  2. Hello, Where do I find the new paintkit? Thank you, Bob
  3. I would love to have a fictional American Airlines new design livery for my Boeing 717. I'm sure that it would be a popular download too. I'm willing to pay or donate toward a nice job of it too, if anyone is interested. Thank you, Bob
  4. Hello, I'm really excited about the coming PACX addon. It sounds like it will really add to the immersion and be very easy to use. I listened to the welcome announcement and thought it would be great if you could also include the type of aircraft. for instance "Ladies and gentlemen good evening. We welcome you to this Boeing 717, flight number 6155 with service to Atlanta..." or if we're flying a 737-700.. "Ladies and gentlemen good evening. We welcome you to this Boeing 737-700, flight number 6155 with service to Atlanta..." I have listened to cockpit videos and they always seem to include the type of aircraft that is being flown at the time. It would help people to know that they are on the correct flight. I have a friend of mine that goes to Las Vegas every year and it has always been on an MD80. This year he knew several months ahead that he would be on an Airbus A320 since the carrier stopped using the MD80. So the fact that the aircraft type is announced early on would help him to know that he crawled onto the correct flight. It would make PAKX more custom to the aircraft on each flight too. Thank you, Bob
  5. Gosh! This thread was over a year old and still no one has made an American Airlines livery for this 717...unbelievable. 🙄
  6. Re-installing the 717, like you said, seems to have fixed my problem. I've done several perfect flights with it since than and also used it for the VatStar event from KATL to KRSW last Sunday and it did beautifully. Couldn't have flown any better. Thank you Joshua. I appreciate your help. Bob
  7. Thank you Joshua. I'll try that. Maybe it will solve my problem. Bob
  8. It has happened several times with pretty much the same conditions. Always when close to the approach. Always resulting in the sim crashing to the desktop. No indication in the Windows log file. How would I go about completely uninstalling and re-installing with the latest versions?
  9. Hello, I am having big, big problems with the auto flight system on my 717. Flying on Pilotedge, the controller gives me a different destination runway from what I have set in the FMC when I'm in the decent. While descending, I go in the FMC and change the runway (KPDX from rwy 26 to rwy 08) and the autopilot disconnects as soon as I select *INSERT. I reconnect the autopilot and re-select NAV on the MCP. I was in a decent, but now the autopilot wants to climb even though I have a lower altitude in the MCP. I select PROF, but nothing changes so I pull the altitude knob, but I'm still climbing, so I put -1000 in the VS window and my screen turns cream colored while the sim freezes. Then the screen comes back, but the sim is still froze and the hour-glass is I'm looking at my desktop 😝. Goodby Pilotedge. This has happened several times even when flying offline. By the time I get close to the approach, the auto flight system goes wacky and causes the whole sim to crash. I love this 717 and I'm completely addicted to it so this is a very traumatic experience for me. Do I need to uninstall the 717 and re-install it? Please help me. I love this aircraft sim and really need to fly it. 😪 Thank you, Bob
  10. I'll check into that. Thank you.
  11. I didn't know that. Thank you. The main thing that I wanted was a flashlight that I could use for a cold and dark cockpit at night, like the one that they use in X-Plane. I'm going to check on this though. It would be good for when you are outside of the aircraft. Thank you, Bob
  12. ....or just try: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\TFDi Design\717\Company Routes