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  1. Irishcurse

    Saitek Panels in P3dV4 for B717

    You most likely need SPADNext. I use it and have the radio stack and the flight switch panel. One of the guys set up a profile in SpadNext.
  2. The Remote CDU is now available for the 717. Works great. Already had it for the NXG and the Maddog. With SPAD Next tied in this aircraft rocks!
  3. I am having this too. It doesn't disappear when I add a sid
  4. Irishcurse

    Displays going black during flight

    Happy to report that after installing 4.2 today the black screens ( or whatever color they went to) are gone. Only one flight but it would have happened in the first 30 minutes yesterday. 2 1/2 hours and no problem.
  5. Irishcurse

    Displays going black during flight

    OK. Then how about a link to a LM forum post where its shown to be their issue. Heard that more than once in this forum by people on the TFDi team. I love this aircraft and want to fly it but cant because what was once tolerable is no longer. Put up with all the problems since it's initial release. Worked around or with those issues. Over 1 year later I would like a aircraft with no major bugs. Not too much to ask I think.
  6. Irishcurse

    Displays going black during flight

    So if it happening on the NGX too why is it not happening to me with it? None of the PMDG aircraft. I have all the 737's, T7's and 744's. No issues. Nothing on FSLabs. If it is a known LM issue there should be more about it on their forums. Someone needs to link a post from their forum stating that it is a known issue for them otherwise it seems like people are just blaming them.
  7. Irishcurse

    Displays going black during flight

    I can't believe this is a P3D problem. It doesn't happen with any other aircraft I own. Can someone link a post from LM's forum about it? I really love this aircraft but it uninstalled right now. I am afraid that as soon as the Leo Maddog comes out I will forget about this nice a/c. It will directly affect any future product purchases.
  8. Irishcurse

    Displays go black

    I love this aircraft. I fly it more than any other right now. That stops now though. This displays turning black, blue or even terrain color is too distracting. Hopefully a fix happens soon.
  9. Irishcurse

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    If we are waiting for the paint kit I won't hold my breath. I appreciate the developers constantly trying to upgrade this aircraft and fix bugs but 10 months later and still no paint kit. Not a good thing
  10. Irishcurse

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Any chance of someone painting this in the AAL scheme?
  11. Irishcurse

    717 Throttles stopped responding

    Its only happened to me once and that was at cruise. Not during decent or approach. Have flown at least a dozen more times without the problem. Bizarre
  12. Irishcurse

    717 Throttles stopped responding

    After dozens of flights I had it happen to me last night. Halfway through the flight I noticed I was slowing down. Throttles were full. Disengaged the autothrottle and tried the throttles manually and nothing happened. Engines stayed idle but the throttles are clearly moving.
  13. Irishcurse

    Landing Gear Warning Sound During Take-Off

    Same here no slewing
  14. Irishcurse


    Happy to report the reversers are working great now after the latest update!
  15. Irishcurse


    Yes. Controller and F2 work fine with all other aircraft. F2 worked up until the latest update.