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  1. Every once in a while I stop by the forums here to see if anything has been done about the SLI flickering in your products. Recently I came back to find all threads concerning the issue are either deleted or hidden and you have a blanket statement telling us to disable 50% of our GPU to be able to use your products. You guys have been kicking this can down the road for a couple of years now and an answer would be nice. I’m really not trying to be argumentative or start drama but this is getting to be a real pain. Especially now that you guys are licensing RealLight to other developers to use and the same issue shows up in their products too. I know after this length of time that it is not high on your priority list but please give us some shred of hope. Also, if you guys be at FS Expo next month I would love to sit down with you so you can share a little information. As I doubt this thread will remain up for long I will screenshot shot it so that we have some evidence it existed before it goes the way of every other thread asking about this. Thank you and I really do want this to get resolved so I can enjoy your products again.
  2. Are you by chance running an SLI setup?