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  1. I too would love to know how this is being handled. It’s been a long-standing bug that needs addressed. Especially as more and more addons use TFDI lighting.
  2. Here is my original post from this time last year. https://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/topic/2778-p3dv4-reallight-texture-flickering/#comment-16493
  3. This "Bug" has been around for way too long now. At least a year. I would think that with TFDI's technology being implemented into so many aircraft this would have been addressed by now. Very disappointing.
  4. Since no one seems to answer elsewhere, has the SLI flickering textures bug been fixed with Real Light? This is the main thing keeping me from flying this beautiful bird.
  5. Its been a few months now with no resolution to this problem. I realize not many people use SLI anymore but it is a real pain having to disable SLI just to have proper lighting on some aircraft. This needs to be addressed as you sell this product to other developers and they implement it, and the bug, into their product. The Maddog X is a prime example.
  6. I have not been to this forum in quite a while, but just came back as I am still having the same problem. I have brought this up in previous threads but that was a very long time ago. Is there really no solution for this yet? Here is the post I created back in October asking about the same problem with no resolution.
  7. Hello gentlemen. I did some testing using different settings in the Nvidia control panel. There are a couple different settings called “Force alternate frame rendering”. Neither of those options helped with the flickering lights. The only setting that fixed it was to go to single GPU mode for P3D. Not sure if it helps at all but there is one other instance where I have issues with flickering textures and that is in Ghost Recon Wildlands. It’s a well known bug in that game and the solution is to select Force Alternate Frame Rendering 2. Lastly, this should probably be migrated over to the Community Opt In Beta section as this is the build I have been using. I am a fairly competent beta tester and have helped in the tests of a handful of projects for different developers in the past. If you need a guinea pig for special tests beyond the Community Beta feel free to reach out to me. I’m glad to help where I can in bringing great projects to the sim community.
  8. +3 for True Glass. I am currently flying the latest beta version in v4.1 and its great. With winter coming I am excited to see how TrueGlass works in the ice and snow.
  9. As a matter of fact I am. 7700K at 5Ghz and 2 1080ti all on a custom water loop.
  10. Hello. I just recently reinstalled the 717 and am having an issue with the Real Lighting. Whenever I try to use any of the cockpit lighting, floods and panel backlighting, the textures constantly flicker/strobe. It’s only with these lights, and the rest of the aircrafts lighting is not effected. Normally I can figure out little problems like this, but I am stumped on this one. Thanks.