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  1. How do you open a support ticket? I am completely new to this.
  2. Just tried again and it is not working again.
  3. So it starts to work but if I close the tool and relaunch I lose it. Does the tool have to be launched in a certain order?
  4. I am using wav. I tried everything. I started with a .wav and it didn’t work. I converted it to 16 and 24 but using both stereo and mono. The mono one worked once or twice but if I close it out and relaunch it will not play again.
  5. It worked a little bit when I converted to mono at 41,400Hz but it is not consistent at all. Sometimes it works and the passenger audio cuts out or vice versa. I have been at it trying for 4 hours now and have about given up on it.
  6. Hi all! I recently purchased PACX and I am unable to get my boarding music or the custom safety video to play. Any ideas as to why?
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