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  1. That’s another livery of Bangkok Airways former operator:
  2. I was quite happy with the .13 update and completed 2 flights without problems. For the current update .14: First I had CTDs when loading P3D, but it must have been caused by something else. The last flight was perfect, no more thrust loss etc. However I had tne ND and PFD copilot’s side going black. The pop-ups showed correctly. Did I miss something? Will have to test again.
  3. pmatten

    Thrust loss

    On my flight today alll went well till cruise, although pausing the sim and using chaseplane. At cruise level I saved the flight to be on the safe side. After returning from the save menu the thrust went immediately to idle. Restoring it by first selecting Altn FADEC mode and reselecting normal mode as previously mentioned. Btw. thanks for that information! At least that keeps it flyable
  4. pmatten

    Thrust loss

    On my last two flights since the recent updates I experienced thrust loss till stall while at cruise level (330). Engines were still running at low power and not reacting to throttles in neither automatic or manual mode. Outside conditions were clear air.
  5. Had the same yesterday (not today). It went almost to idle.
  6. Thanks Emi for your great work! Now we can fly in Europe, too