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  1. FireRx

    717 futher update

    P3D talking about a new engine for V5 next year. perhaps then, eh? 😎
  2. FireRx

    717 futher update

    hey guys, I have a request for future update. Can we get the exhaust heat /shimmering on the jet engines please. 😃 Thank you for the wonderful aircraft.
  3. FireRx

    CTD after P3Dv4

    guys, May I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the aircraft again. I just test flew it and all seems to be working fine here. 😊
  4. FireRx

    zero Fuel consumption

    ah okay thank=, Joshoa
  5. Hey Colin, Has anyone else reported zero fuel consumption on long hauls on the new update?? Made a run from KPHX > KCLT this morning with zero fuel used. This is on Build
  6. FireRx

    Love the!

    Colin, the only thing I see it the fuel weight does change on the tablet when you add fuel to the aircraft. it always stay at 46.6. I can see in the sim it does add the fuel. Just not the weight change associated with it., edit: been flying about 200 miles and no fuel usage,. Think I'll uninstall and install it again. Other than that, the plane is beautiful Thanks, Robert
  7. FireRx

    Love the!

    have you tried to refuel the aircraft via the manager. it's not refueling for me.
  8. Disreguard, I got it going now, thanks.
  9. hi Colin, I see this dragon has reared it's ugly head again in build I needs some assistance to resolve please. I have teamviewer also. I can PM when your ready.
  10. FireRx Feedback

    Colin, Everything ie perfect here on .14. Did I read the article on TrueGlass worng? Will it be bundled with the Betas. or will it be a separate beta program? Thanks,
  11. FireRx

    Cloud ground shadow rendering

    Please show this resolved. It had nothing to to with your aircraft but rather my sim settings. Thank you.:)
  12. First off this it one of my favorite planes to fly and Kudos goes out to TDFI Design team on it's creation. The old thing I've notice lately that is specific to this aircraft only in my collection is the cloud shadows only come up on the lower half of the windscreen in the VC mode. Is this something the Devs are working on to fix? It Displays a define line across the bottom where the shadows stops. Thanks in advance!
  13. FireRx

    Scenery read error

    THank Collin
  14. FireRx

    Stutters since last update

    okay, I thought it was just me. I was getting slammed 7767 mb memory usage. I'll in install it, and reinstall the latest build again. Also, I still getting those scenery /effect errors looking for a file that not there. I click okay and it allows you to continue a normal flight. Thanks,