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  1. rsmith6621a

    Speed/ALT Tape Lags/Sticks

    I pulled the 717 out of the hanger last night after 3 months and while I have no performance issues with FPS or stutters I do have issues with the speed tape being very jumpy as well as the ALT tape. I have jump seated in the 717 many times and know it is much smother that this. I am getting 35+ FPS inside the cockpit and 50+ outside. Is there anyway to adjust this. Thanks Randall Smkith
  2. rsmith6621a

    Error Message after Update

    I am now getting this error when I load the 717. This is since the last update was pushed this afternoon. How do I fix it.
  3. rsmith6621a

    New Video Tutorials Request

    Since the 717 is now a more complete aircraft and there has been a lot of new inputs added to the FMC and AP, I think it is time for some new Youtube tutorials on programing and exploitation of each page....AGREE. Regards Randy
  4. Hello TFDI, Just for the fact that AirTran was the launch customer for the 717 can you produce a produce a paint for the 717. This way we can honor the history of this marvelous creation. Randy
  5. rsmith6621a

    Request: AirTran Livery

    I remember sitting in the 717 JS KATL/KMCO. By the time we got over MCN(Macon) we were at FL410 and the CA started his slow gradual decent into Orlando. i ask him why they did that, he said they actually got better fuel efficiency. Some of the Pilots I swear were Ex Fighter Pilots.
  6. rsmith6621a

    Request: AirTran Livery

    I am also waiting on Citrus. I worked for 18 months in Dispatch at AirTran, flew 20 miles in the JS on the 717 and a heck of a lot more on the 737-7. I will be patient. Randy
  7. Is there a way to have the 717 engines running and ready for take off when you load up the sim at startup with out first running through the checklist and saving a panel state. I am using P3D. Attempt to start with the Piper Cub running and then selecting the 717 have not worked. Thanks Randy