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    Direct2D DrawText. Attn:Colin

    Hey mate, I appreciate the reply Yes! That's how I'm writing the text - also using a DWRITE_FACTORY_TYPE_SHARED DWrite factory. I'm using the D2D template off fsdeveloper but that doesn't draw any text in the example. Maybe I should try VS2013. Did you have to make the RT one of these: ID2D1DCRenderTarget Nick edit: just out of interest - the 6 you've given for the text length... should it be 7? To include the terminator character \0?
  2. Hi there, I've been following the progress with the 717 and am very impressed. I haven't bought it yet but plan to. I'm trying to get into aircraft dev for a hobby and so far have a basic model and I'm now starting the gauges. I've got shapes drawing on the display but if I try to render text it shows for a few seconds and then the whole sim crashes! Did you ever come across this problem? I'd debug it but when I attach VS to prepar3d the breakpoint turns grey and says "Breakpoint will not be hit". Are you using VS Community 2015? Just wondering if you had to resolve these issues when you started and can point me in the right direction. Any help appreciated, Nick