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  1. Hey AirHops, To answer your questions in order: 1) This should be possible. 2) You should be able to create a random PIREP generator on the backend of the website, then book it for the pilot and hence it should appear in smartCARS. 3) Theoretically, no but in reality, I would HIGHLY recommend having some background in PHP as it'll make your life a lot easier in terms of understanding any issues or bugs that might arise and just generally knowing exactly what's going on. 4) I'm not sure about the logistics of that, perhaps @gamesyns would be able to comment further? 5) Again, once you receive a PIREP, you should be able to process its data and link it to an auto e-mailer - so yes, that again is possible. 6) I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this question in relation to smartCARS, would you be able to reiterate for me? Or perhaps @gamesyns has a better understanding of what you're asking me? I hope my responses were useful
  2. En-route, at roughly FL220 during the climb with the autothrottle engaged, the autothrottle began to make sporadic inputs from its intended N1 (in magenta on the EAD display) to IDLE. Since then, it began to increase from IDLE apparently attempting to go back to its intended N1 power setting, to then idling the throttle once again. This constantly continues even with the autothrottle disabled, rendering my manual inputs to the throttle useless. It is key to note that the throttles are moving to accompany the fluctuating power settings with the autothrottle enabled, however, if I disable the autothrottle and apply full power, the throttles themselves remain in the full power position, yet the engine power fluctuations still occur. Hardware rendering WAS enabled. The displays themselves (engine display AND PFD) appear to be very laggy, with a significant delay to the PFD displaying a change to pitch or roll and to the engine display in showing power settings. I've attached a GIF to show the display lag and power fluctuations.
  3. You shouldn't need to go into the sim menu, would you be able to submit this to the Bugs and Suggestions section as a formal report, please?
  4. @Brad K @Mackenzie Davis Does turning off DX10 Preview fix the issue for either of you? If so, I would leave it disabled as a temporary measure while we work on getting an actual fix released out. Apologies for the issues guys.
  5. Hey PCabrita, We're aware of this issue and we're currently investigating it. Apologies for the issue.
  6. Hey FishermanIvan, Would you be able to submit this to the Bugs and Suggestions section, please?
  7. Hey Juergen2, The crash dump .dmp files should be located in the root simulator directory.
  8. SGCSam

    SID bug

    @Joshua Che. What do you think?
  9. Hey Skyhawk1985, To the left of the yoke, underneath the window, there's a series of buttons next to the PFD Display Source knob. The top button is the one you're looking for - by pressing it, an OFF light should illuminate and the FD bars should disappear.
  10. Hey there, Would you mind submitting this to the development tracker? Our development team can then have a look and try to get this bug fixed. Thanks for reporting this!
  11. Hey Don, That .dll certainly looks like a NVIDIA .dll so I'm pretty certain it's a driver issue. Would you be able to disable hardware rendering and also ensure you're on the most recent driver version?
  12. Hey there, Does the 717 still manage to intercept every point successfully when it gets there and drifts off only en route, or does it miss it entirely? We're continuing to improve the NAV behavior for the autopilot as well so things should improve in future updates.