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  1. Hey AirHops, To answer your questions in order: 1) This should be possible. 2) You should be able to create a random PIREP generator on the backend of the website, then book it for the pilot and hence it should appear in smartCARS. 3) Theoretically, no but in reality, I would HIGHLY recommend having some background in PHP as it'll make your life a lot easier in terms of understanding any issues or bugs that might arise and just generally knowing exactly what's going on. 4) I'm not sure about the logistics of that, perhaps @gamesyns would be able to comment further? 5) Again, once you receive a PIREP, you should be able to process its data and link it to an auto e-mailer - so yes, that again is possible. 6) I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this question in relation to smartCARS, would you be able to reiterate for me? Or perhaps @gamesyns has a better understanding of what you're asking me? I hope my responses were useful