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  1. LordWalrus

    CG Value

    The tablet has a status page which gives you CG, GW and ZFW.
  2. That's okay. I'll have a look around the P3D forum to see if I can find an answer. Thank you though.
  3. Update: I can only seem to replicate this problem when restarting the simulator and loading a flight then taxiing for the first time and using left differential braking. The freezing only happens once then doesn't persist. For however long the left brake gets held, the stuttering progressively gets worse until it completely freezes up. Once the brake is released it unfreezes and all is well. After that one freeze it doesn't happen again during the entire flight. The first time I experienced this it was easily replicated but now it only happens once.
  4. I use FSUIPC (not the full version) and a bunch of other add-ons. I've been testing the plane out and it really only happens while applying full left or right differential brakes, but not while applying both left and right at the same time. Regular steering is fine too. All prior versions of the 717 since release have never had this issue.
  5. Hi, I've noticed that using the landing light switches can become tedious. Instead of just clicking to turn them on/off would it be possible to integrate scroll wheel support for them and possibly connect them together with a "central" click spot like in many other aircraft addons? It would make the experience a lot smoother. Kind Regards, M
  6. Hi, I have also noticed this.
  7. Hi, I'm happy to see how nicely the 717 has come since release, but when I go to turn and apply differential brakes on the ground, the sim either freezes for a second or lags terribly. I don't have this issue in any other aircraft. If anyone else has had this problem and knows a fix, I'd be happy to hear it. P3D v4.3, 717 v1.1 Kind regards, M
  8. Hi, I also have issues with CTDs while swapping views in the 717 with Chaseplane.