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    No TruGlass

    Yes! That did the trick for me as well. I am curious... was this a system wide update from TFDi or was it just for us with 4.3 having issues? Thank you! -Scott Erb
  2. saerb99

    No TruGlass

    I am having the same exact issue as well. I just noticed this yesterday. I have tried everything that everyone else has tried and nothing. Is there any new ideas to get it working? Scott Erb
  3. Hey guys, I just noticed my true glass not working the other day and so I looked into the add on menu and true glass wasn't even in there. I did a re-install on the 717 to see if that helps but no joy. The folder is in the 717 file and I see the true glass folder and .dll in the gauges folder. Any ideas what happened? It doesn't work for any other true glass add ons either like the md80 and 787. Thank you, Scott Erb
  4. I also have the VAS usage problems with the latest build. I never had those problems with the original release. I cannot complete a flight like I use to be able to. Scott Erb
  5. I am getting the same problem. Credentials are invalid. -Scott Erb