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  1. I like to handfly the aircraft, since it flies so nice, but I noticed that the Flight Director is impossible to follow in PROF mode. Moving the yoke, it rapidly goes up and down, and sometimes goes to the full bottom or top of the scale. This doesn't happen with AUTOFLIGHT is controlling the plane. This doesn't happen in the purple V/S or T/O / CLB THRUST or HOLD. This has happened on both of the flights I did today. Kind Regards, Josh
  2. it0uchpods

    EPR off the scale

    The EPR Needle and Throttle T are below the bottom of the scale. They should stop at the button even if the value continues to drop. J
  3. A few nm before EBAYE and BURGL, the yoke and airplane turned violently left, then right. This also happened a few times on the SID. I noticed it happens most when the next waypoint is not a very large turn. While hand flying, the flight director goes far left than right at around the same time. Kind Regards, Josh
  4. it0uchpods

    ATS is really unstable

    Sorry -- it still happens -- but I became preoccupied and didn't have much time for the sim lately. I'll make a video tonight or tomorrow. Kind Regards, Josh
  5. it0uchpods

    Display AFS Bug

    Hi Saw this while performing some landings, on gear touchdown, this appeared, once the nose gear touched down, it went to to PITCH | HEADING 314 | T/O THRUST with normal boxes. Kind Regards, Josh
  6. it0uchpods

    Aileron tab problem

    Great, thank you @turbofandude That makes sense, the oscillation only happened when the tab issue occurred. I will do some testing, and let you know if it occurs again. Thank you, Kind Regards, Josh
  7. it0uchpods

    Aileron tab problem

    The problem happened today on my climbout from KACV to KSFO. It happened in both NAV and HDG mode, and happened regardless of whether I used my joystick autopilot master/Z key, or the AUTOFLIGHT button on the MCP. Strangely, the issue stopped once reaching cruise altitude (PROF mode was active) Kind Regards, Josh
  8. it0uchpods

    Banana in real B717?

    It shows when along the route you will reach the altitude in the MCP selector. There is a pink arrow for top of descent. Kind Regards, Josh
  9. it0uchpods

    Banana in real B717?

    I know for a fact that it does not. It has the MD-11 style blue arrow. J
  10. it0uchpods

    Aileron tab problem

    Hi TFDi During a test flight today, I came a cross a minor, but still relevant bug. When the autopilot is on, moving the yoke in the roll axis causes a horrible oscillation visible on the yoke, and the aileron tabs move with my joystick command, while the aileron itself continues flying the autopilot command. Shouldn't the autopilot also be commanding the tabs like the stick does? Kind Regards, Josh EDIT: This only happens sometimes, other times it works right, I will try to find more information, and replicate it consistently.
  11. it0uchpods

    Volunteers for an Internal Test Team

    I also have time for such a thing, I fly the 717 almost daily. Skype is available. P3D V3 & V4. Kind Regards, Josh
  12. Why don't you tell them what is wrong so they can fix it??? Also, version is currently, not I just tried it, and there appears nothing wrong.
  13. it0uchpods

    Monday Aug 7 Progress

    That's awesome. I've had successful flights since, never had a single CTD.... odd. Kind Regards, Josh
  14. it0uchpods

    Monday Aug 7 Progress

    Take as much time as you need. Better to get it right than rush Kind Regards, Josh
  15. it0uchpods

    ATS is really unstable

    @Joshua Che. OK, I'll make a video the next time I see it. Kind Regards, Josh