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  1. Following the flight director in PROF mode during descent is impossible. If you move yoke forward, bar goes WAY up, if you move it back, it goes WAY down. This is just like the issue I reported a while ago, in all pitch modes, but now it only happens in PROF mode on descent. When in PROF IDLE, PROF V/S, or any other pitch mode it is fine. I also noticed the yoke gently rocking back and forth with AFS fully engaged, and the FD pitch bar moving opposite it slightly, not sure if that is related or not. Kind Regards, Josh
  2. Any updates? I keep forgetting about it when coming from other aircraft (MD-11, MD-80), and then it just throttles up on landing. J
  3. Yes, every single time. It even happens without a flightplan, if you just takeoff, turn, and land. Quite irritating... either have to land without ATS, or remember to cut it out on touchdown/flare. Josh
  4. First big kudos to the team for the V1.1.0.0, it's great so far! On nose gear touchdown, AFS went from THRUST to RETARD instead of switching off, bringing the power back up. It should stay on RETARD but be off. I lifted the nose off again, and it went back to RETARD, then back touched down, and back to THRUST. Best Regards, Josh
  5. I like to handfly the aircraft, since it flies so nice, but I noticed that the Flight Director is impossible to follow in PROF mode. Moving the yoke, it rapidly goes up and down, and sometimes goes to the full bottom or top of the scale. This doesn't happen with AUTOFLIGHT is controlling the plane. This doesn't happen in the purple V/S or T/O / CLB THRUST or HOLD. This has happened on both of the flights I did today. Kind Regards, Josh
  6. it0uchpods

    EPR off the scale

    The EPR Needle and Throttle T are below the bottom of the scale. They should stop at the button even if the value continues to drop. J
  7. A few nm before EBAYE and BURGL, the yoke and airplane turned violently left, then right. This also happened a few times on the SID. I noticed it happens most when the next waypoint is not a very large turn. While hand flying, the flight director goes far left than right at around the same time. Kind Regards, Josh
  8. it0uchpods

    ATS is really unstable

    Sorry -- it still happens -- but I became preoccupied and didn't have much time for the sim lately. I'll make a video tonight or tomorrow. Kind Regards, Josh
  9. it0uchpods

    Display AFS Bug

    Hi Saw this while performing some landings, on gear touchdown, this appeared, once the nose gear touched down, it went to to PITCH | HEADING 314 | T/O THRUST with normal boxes. Kind Regards, Josh
  10. it0uchpods

    Aileron tab problem

    Great, thank you @turbofandude That makes sense, the oscillation only happened when the tab issue occurred. I will do some testing, and let you know if it occurs again. Thank you, Kind Regards, Josh
  11. it0uchpods

    Aileron tab problem

    The problem happened today on my climbout from KACV to KSFO. It happened in both NAV and HDG mode, and happened regardless of whether I used my joystick autopilot master/Z key, or the AUTOFLIGHT button on the MCP. Strangely, the issue stopped once reaching cruise altitude (PROF mode was active) Kind Regards, Josh