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  1. Would be awesome! I'm an MD-11 nut so I've been grasping my PMDG MD-11 for years now and would like something a bit more "up to date" Josh
  2. Wow.... that is dumb. I love their MD-11, and would love to have a new MD-11.... Kind Regards, Josh
  3. it0uchpods

    Boat Data?

    ... I knew it was a joke the second I opened it... lol
  4. PMDG MD-11 and LevelD 767, my 2 favorite addons from all time. Occasionally the Maddog MD-80. All working in P3D V3.
  5. it0uchpods

    Boat Data?

    I found it funny
  6. I do as well! MD-11 or maybe an MD-88/MD-90 would be nice. But I think they should get the 717 completely finished first
  7. Of course. I'm talking once the 717, is finished, stable, etc...
  8. Nice. I see you using the Tablet there, I for some reason never use it. I just use charts on my iPad mini, or printed ones. I prefer a stock cockpit. But it is very nice for managing the aircraft.
  9. Well, the MD-11 uses different avionics slightly. The 717 is more similar to the MD-10. They are similar, but far far from the same. But, yeah I'd like an MD-11 from them also