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  1. GoneMissed

    Company Route Format

    Echoing Airway88's request. Though I suppose we are at the mercy of the PFPX developers here, not TFDI.
  2. GoneMissed

    Incomplete STARs in MCDU

    Ok great, thanks mate.
  3. GoneMissed

    Incomplete STARs in MCDU

    G'day Collin, Bugger, was kind of hoping I was missing something! Hope the fix isn't too far away - this is a bit of a pain for me so I may have to tow the 717 into the hangar for now. Appreciate the quick response.
  4. GoneMissed

    Incomplete STARs in MCDU

    G'day all, Quite new to the 717 having only had it a few days. This is the second time I've gone to do a flight and after entering in the STAR and approach, have noted the arrival is incomplete in the MCDU. Attached are two screenshots. Here I was trying to program an arrival via the LIZZI3A STAR at YMML. Note HORUS, ENSEG etc are missing from the MCDU which have speed and altitude constraints. The other time this happened was an arrival into YBCS. Confirming I have a Navigraph subscription and it is showing the latest database installed in Navigraph FMS Data Manager and in the MCDU itself. Look forward to some feedback. Cheers, Joe. 2017-4-19_9-31-17-335.bmp