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  1. Mistrfiksit

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Wrapping this up but finishing another before I send it out.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Third addition to the AirTran paints. Colts 1 is a special promotional paint for the Indianapolis Colts NFL team. The second is AirTran's original livery after the buyout of ValueJet. This paint is shown around the time when AirTran started taking delivery of the 717's in the 90's to replace the DC-9's. There is noticeable differences such as the RR/BMW decals instead of the "airtran.com" decals. Along with no fleet number on the empennage.
  3. Mistrfiksit


    What you mean by "AUTO TAKEOFF" is that I think you're talking about pressing "Autoflight" before starting takeoff roll. Autoflight will arm the Autothrottles if you press autoflight before advancing throttles on the ground (or like at previous carrier, advance throttles, watch for engine spool up and the PNF will press Autoflight and PF will continue to push throttles up). The Autothrottle will then advance the thrust levers to your TO power set. After climbout (above 500' or 152m AGL) you can engage Autoflight again and the autopilot will take over. There are different ways to configure the Autoflight, it is not always going to be hands free. Hope this helps.
  4. Mistrfiksit

    Setting the Transponder Code

    @turbofandude Tagging incase you haven't seen my reply. ~M.
  5. Mistrfiksit

    Setting the Transponder Code

    This is what I have. Colors are for clarity. Hope this helped.
  6. Mistrfiksit

    Eastern Airlines Whisperjet

    I have one in the works and almost done. About 70%...ish.
  7. Mistrfiksit

    TWA 717-200 RELEASED!

    There is a paintkit to download that a lot of folks have been screaming about the past year and a half. You could try your hand at your own livery? There's also freeware painting programs that are almost as good as Photoshop. I use GIMP 2.10 for example. This might be an option for me as well. Hopefully these guys are just taking a really long sabbatical (Don't really blame them for the constant updating over the past year) and nothing seriously wrong is going on. Btw, nice TWA livery. I was thinking about doing the classic or retro DC-9 paints. Maybe in the future.
  8. Mistrfiksit

    Eastern Airlines Whisperjet

    Version 1.0.0


    Fictional Eastern Airlines 717 in DC-9-30 retro-livery of the Whisperjet(liner) promotions during the 1970's.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    AirTran special paints of Milwaukee Brewers and Orlando Magic teams as promotion.
  10. Mistrfiksit

    Where in the paintkit is the rear bottom antenna?!

    Right here...
  11. Mistrfiksit

    PFD Modes & Colors Info

    The messages change color depending on what is controlling your Autoflight. If the message in your PFD's are showing WHITE, it means the Autoflight has been manually selected to perform the task (example: you select 10000 feet on the AFS altitude window and pull the knob or select a specific heading and pull the knob). If you select PROF mode, it means you are relying on the what you've calculated in the FMS's and now the Autoflight is flying on FMS data (kinda like VNAV or LNAV). This would turn the messages to MAGENTA. GREEN messages would appear if you were performing an Autoland (Autoland, Rollout, etc.) Hope that helps.
  12. Mistrfiksit

    Reflectivity layers in Paintkit

    I've chosen the latter and added a new alpha mask over the texture. Turns out looking really nice. Thanks.
  13. Mistrfiksit

    AirTran Airways

    Version 1.0.0


    AirTran's Green and White livery. Here is the first of other TRS aircraft I plan to paint in the future. Enjoy!
  14. Mistrfiksit

    Reflectivity layers in Paintkit

    Ok. Thanks. That atleast points me in a direction.
  15. Mistrfiksit

    Reflectivity layers in Paintkit

    I'm using GIMP 2.10 for repainting. Is there an equivalent plug-in or do I have to work around this? Which I can, I'm just trying to find an easier way. Thanks.