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  1. Mistrfiksit

    backup baro still in inHg

    There's no mention that the BARO knob changes to hPa. Only pulling it will bring it to STD. Pushing in is for a mx function. Looked at photo of a Qantas deck and it showed in inHg.
  2. Mistrfiksit

    Yaw dampener fail

    Did you align the ADIRU's? The fail message should go away with ADIRU's properly aligned.
  3. Mistrfiksit

    No improvement to performance with

    Hey guys, I recently downloaded the last version and hoped the frame rates would improve but it doesn't seem to have any effect in my sim. As you know, like most others, my PMDG and Carenado aircraft run with an average of about 23-29fps which for the most parrt is really good for my system. But I as soon as I open and start with the 717, even if I have no weather, I can peak at about 15 fps. If I use default weather (Grey and rainy) it goes down to 7fps. With Trueglass enabled it has bottomed out to 1fps. There is alos a massive consumption of memory from the ius aircraft too. Again, not much from the other aircraft just this one. Hope you guys can help me knock this one out, Thanks. Just to recap: Clear day, no active sky, Trueglass disabled =15fps / TG enabled = 7fps clear day, active sky, Trueglass disabled =10-12fps / TG enabled = 3-7fps Rainy day, No ASP3D, TG enabled = 2-7fps / with ASP3D = as low as 1fps
  4. Mistrfiksit

    AirTran XM Radio

    Attached. README.txt
  5. Mistrfiksit

    AirTran dirty

    Version 1.0.0


    Dirty version of the AirTran Tan and Green livery. Currently operates for Delta Air Lines Fleet# 9541
  6. Mistrfiksit

    Simultaneous engine start

    It wouldn't be realistic since the pressure in the ducting would all drop unless the ISOL valve were closed and the right side were engaged. However, it looks like there is already logic in place when it comes to having both packs running and trying to start a single engine. The engine doesn't increase N2 and you get the START AIR LO message. Could this be coded in the same manner as trying to start both engines at the same time? If one starter is engaged and the other is then selected, it could behave this way too. Pressure drops low, none or little N2 movement and the message appears. Basically what Tango777 suggested. Also, for the normal way, have the PM drop about 3-8psi (good round number) when the starter engages and the engine rotates.
  7. Mistrfiksit

    Simultaneous engine start

    I really don't have enough info for this because it's not a normal practice to start both engines simultaneously. I can tell you what could happen by logic and design though. One thing I noticed in the sim, is that there is no drop in manifold pressure when you select one engine to start. The APU will throw all the air it can in a MES (main engine start) by opening the bleed valve all the way. But there will be a significant drop in pressure during start regardless. Minimum start pressure is 35psi. Given that, in RW, with both starters engaged the PM could drop below 25psi, which would trigger a START AIR LO alert. The engines would never make max N2 motor, and if the fuel switch was thrown (and the EEC allowed fuel to enter, min. N2 is 19 or 20%) it could lead to a hot or hung start. And the APU EGT could increase to the point that if it overtemped, it would close the bleed air valve and stopping any engine start altogether. That's just a few things that could happen but there's possibly more.
  8. Mistrfiksit

    Low Airspeed Protection wrong

    I have Vmin -5 and Vmin -10 with an engine out at cruise. What it's doing right now is low speed protection kicks in immediately when it touches the yellow band (Vmin) so it should allow some exposure below the minimum speed before it activates. The system description: These are out of the AOM: (Colored in for emphasis) Hope this helps.
  9. Mistrfiksit

    Airport filter

    Undoubtedly it's that. But I think his question was for a specific value/requirement to code it properly.
  10. Mistrfiksit

    Airport filter

    I don't think I have anything that specific about the software database. Going by memory that when pressing the airport select you wouldn't see farmer airports and uncontrolled, etc. But I can check later.
  11. Mistrfiksit

    Airport filter

    I think they had a software limitation where it wouldn't show airports with runways less than 5000' or not suited for 717 ops.
  12. Mistrfiksit

    Autoland off centre

    Tried to send it to you via messages, but it says you don't receive them.
  13. Mistrfiksit

    Autoland off centre

    It should be covered under radio altimeters. If you get around to it later and need some more info, let me know.
  14. Mistrfiksit

    Autoland off centre

    A better autoland capture. Difference is in last video, VApp was 157, Vref was 145 (forgot to reset, whoops), GW was 113.0 (not 130 which is impossible since max tarmac weight is 120), and runway was KMCO 35R. This video Vref is 145 set with FMS, GW is 105.0 and KMCO 35L (CAT III). As it shows, everything looks good, until flare and the aircraft floats and shortly climbs before settling and is off to the left. One other thing of note, is there is no rising runway popping up from the lower part of the PFD.