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  1. The system could not communicate with the smartCARS web scripts file at "https://retrosim.website/core/SMARTcars/frame.php". The response from the server was: "500 Internal Server Error". This is not an error - this means you've entered invalid information or installed the web scripts improperly. This will prevent the smartCARS client from functioning until the problem is corrected. Verify that the information you've entered is correct and if you haven't already done so, install the smartCARS web script files (a guide to doing is available here). You can go back to try again or change your
  2. Can I ask this question as well please?
  3. b1ackcr0w

    Little Things

    Delay reason - refuelling Delay or Divert Reason - Industrial Action Destination and Flight type Weighting. For Example EGLC London City would have a very high proportion of Business travellers, that react badly to Delays, whereas LEAL Alicante would have mostly tourists with a high incidence of being drunk or ill due to sunburn. Same for charter or scheduled where charters are more likely tourists/leisure and scheduled having more business travellers. Consequences for flying into turbulence or take off or landing without putting the seatbelt signs on. Can we also have The
  4. Hi Guys, I was at the FSFX/TFDi presentation at Cosford 2017. Just wanted to say a belated thank you for making what must have been a massive effort to come and see us. I love the 717, and to be able to discuss the product in person was a great opportunity. Me and the guys over at Fly UK have massively benefited and enjoyed the 717 on our Nordic Sky franchise. I was playing host at Cosford, to two friends who dabble in flight simming more casually than I do. They were greatly impressed by what they saw at the show, and the presentation was the highlight of the day. Even the layman c