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  1. PhugoidEffect

    Navigation Display not displaying

    It appears as normal, except that it's blank, no terrain depicted (and I was in Alaska flying with lots of high terrain around). Airports, VORs, etc didn't show either.
  2. PhugoidEffect

    Ground friction option?

    Please advise with your findings. Unfortunately the current ground friction model is very unrealistic, even so in one of those early beta versions it was much much close to the real thing.
  3. Hello, Since I udated to v1.1 the information are not being shown, such as Terrain, airports, VOR/NDB, etc. The brightness is at its maximum. Thanks for any information.
  4. PhugoidEffect

    Vref vs PFD Yellowband

    I've been noticing these kind of discrepancies as well, seems like something is not being calculated properly.
  5. PhugoidEffect

    Engine Start-up indication

    This is strange indeed. In my opinion you guys should at least make N1 give some sign of movement after N2 has started turning AND give some FF and TGT feedback in the correct order and timing... I may try to get the whole procedure filmed (I mean the DU) if you consider it might be of some help.
  6. PhugoidEffect

    Is the 717 P3D4.2 compatible?

    Uh oh... That's a bad thing for sure. Holding on for a while.
  7. That was my second attempt, doesn't work. Maybe something to review for the next update.
  8. PhugoidEffect

    Displays going black during flight

    Nothing that I can remember really... But I activated probably Lens Flare, and not sure if one notch up of LOD Radius. Other than that installed a few sceneries and REX SkyForce (raised cloud texture sizes to 2048), and PTA settings, once in a while I change something.
  9. Talking about ALT Restrictions, how do one input a restricted altitude lower than 1000? Anytime I try 920 for example it will treat as FL920, which is totally insane. Thanks.
  10. PhugoidEffect

    Low Airspeed Protection wrong

    This is Vmin minus 5, it if helps for now. Anyway will try to make a video.
  11. PhugoidEffect

    Flightplan deleted after SID selection

    Guys, and what about the swinging TOD back and forth, which happens occasionally? This is very annoying.
  12. PhugoidEffect

    Clearing flight plan

    What about changing STAR and Approach Procedure (as instructed by ATC, for instance)? The other day I tried changing but it messed the whole FPL big time. :-)
  13. PhugoidEffect

    Low Airspeed Protection wrong

    Hello devs, I've checked with a real world B-717 pilot/instructor and he confirmed something I was suspecting was wrong. The protection is kicking in too soon, in the beginning of the yellow band, while the correct would be much closer to the beginning of the RED band. It's very annoying the way it is now, even a slight gust, or a heavier plane on takeoff with some more assumed temperature it will of course be prone to entering a bit in the yellow band and the protection will activate when it should not. Could you please review this functionality. Thanks.
  14. Take care with affinity mask, it's not a one size fits all and even if it fits it may be worse, or cause blurries.
  15. PhugoidEffect

    Latest beta performance

    As for me, performance of the 717 has been great for a long time, as matter of fact the only things that make it crappy are some cloudy/overcast conditions (even 512x512 textures) and maybe a few sceneries developed with the wrong tools and/or techniques. Other that that it's usually awesome.