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  1. Bob

    Windows Installer Error

    No, it's not in the safe mode and I ran it as Admin but same thing.
  2. Bob

    Windows Installer Error

    I tried to D/L and intall and.24 but I keep getting a Windows Installer Error does this have something to do with the D/L? Thank You
  3. Bob Feedback

    It's mainly just entering the to the scratchpad when it laggy, up to 5 seconds, hardware rendering was off. This is with FSX-SE.
  4. Bob Feedback

    Right now the only thing I see is a laggy MCDU (FMS)
  5. Bob

    VNAV Question

    I believe I am doing this correctly, a bit before my TOD I set my altitude down to end of the STAR altitude and then hit the PROF for a managed descent and it should stay at my cruise altitude until i cross the TOD? If so the VNAV could use some tweaking and the VerticalDeveation indicator (the bar on the side of the display) seems to be off also as it brought me in very high for my APP. Thank You.
  6. Everything went very well, I tried the hold feature and that needs some work but other than that it worked well for me. I'm funning FSX SE. Good Update Guys!!
  7. Bob

    Insuffient Fuel

    Also, I am using FSX SE if this makes a difference
  8. Bob

    Insuffient Fuel

    Well, after reading your post I went and deleted the 2 company routes I did have saved, started the sim, ground power, loaded fuel and pax, weights, takeoff init, then flightplan got as far as insering the SID and got the "Insufficent Fuel" message also had more than enough fuel.
  9. Bob

    Insuffient Fuel

    I just tried my same route thinking it may be an airac problem but no, I only inserted the departure runway and it said Insuffient Fuel, so I dont know.
  10. This just started for me, I believe I loaded the fuel properly. Then I will load the departure runway and sid and this pops up and there's no way to correct it that I have found unless you reload the plane. I was going from KSAT to KLAX and I only loaded the SID.
  11. From what the change log reads it is still
  12. Bob

    trim indicator

    Look on the pedestal
  13. While in the cockpit, bring up the fuel page, bring up the addon manager, send fuel and watch the fuel page.
  14. Bob

    Revers comand only with F2

    No, actually just using the F2 key on the keyboard.