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  1. Sanpp

    v1 Callouts

    No, There are no V-speeds callouts on the TFDi 717 Although, many people in this sub had done this request
  2. Sanpp

    CTD also with P3D 4.4

    Are you using any camera addons?
  3. Sanpp

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    Hi guys! those who have already installed the new Prepar3D update (4.4). Please try to do a flight with the 717 and check if the Changing views CTD is still there.
  4. Sanpp

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    So far it looks amazing! Thanks for supporting this community!
  5. Sanpp

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    Will try this tonight, thanks!
  6. Sanpp

    Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    Looks beautiful! Upload it!
  7. Sanpp

    Future development of 717

    It actually didn't specified how many airplanes from Volotea's fleet do have it installed. It was only a mention of it (also mentioned Blue1). So I don't know the exact registration of the aircraft.
  8. Sanpp

    Reflectivity layers in Paintkit

  9. Steve, Can you post your nvidia driver version when you get to your PC please? The new one is giving me troubles and not only with P3D. Thanks!
  10. Sanpp

    Logo light washout

    I'll be the first! haha. Thanks for this steve, your work is always excellent!
  11. Sanpp

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    Try this option too! Made two test flights today (switching views all the time) FLT 1 = CTD while switching views with (S) keyboard button, this was intended so I expected CTD to happen. FLT 2 = No CTD in a short route (LGAV - LGIR) doing what @stevedra suggested, if you are going to change views, do it using short views menu (right click) or views menu on the Prepar3D menu bar. Sorry for my english tho, I know it's not the best
  12. Sanpp

    Study level MD-90?

    It is indeed an extraordinary aircraft. The main issue now is CTD when changing views, but looking at it, system-wise, it is amazing! I'd like a MD-90 from TFDi tho, or E-190.
  13. Sanpp

    Future development of 717

    I doubt it about autobrakes since most of the aircrafts in 2001-2010 didn't had it. (airtran and most Delta 717s) Although, I've been reading that Volotea's 717 fleet do have it.
  14. Sanpp

    P3D v4.3 .....717 V1.1 Crash To Desktop

    It eats a lot of FPS for me, but that's because my system is older than dinosaurs.
  15. Sanpp

    The Lighting on the Airplane

    Are you sure that the reflection profile is updated to work with V1.1?