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  1. Sanpp

    New Tomato Profile?

    I might expect one in the next 24-48 Hours, the guys from R&D presets may be working on it.
  2. Sanpp

    Paint Kit?

    expect 5 GB guys just joking, lol.
  3. Sanpp

    What? Nice coincidence!

    seems like mr president is having a ride with the air force one! (I was participating on this event that the guys had in Hawaii)
  4. Sanpp

    717 day!

    so guys, I would like to hear all of your thoughts about this new update!
  5. Sanpp

    Paint Kit?

    Today? or Can I go to sleep now? haha amazing work guys
  6. Sanpp

    717 day!

    If anyone have more liveries request, use this thread:
  7. Sanpp

    PACX question

    Well, That's sad.
  8. Sanpp

    717 day!

    is out! Just at 7:17 PM
  9. Sanpp

    PACX question

    Will this be included with the 717?
  10. Sanpp

    717 day!

    That sounds fair, I should say thanks for being such an amazing company with their customer ;).
  11. Sanpp

    717 day!

    Well, that was a good ride! Supposing this, Will you guys still working with the 717 or you gonna start a new project?
  12. Sanpp

    717 day!

    This means that CoB is over?
  13. Sanpp


    The Thing is, We don't have an official paintkit and all liveries won't work with 1.1.
  14. Here you have. @turbofandude FSUIPC5.rar