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  1. Haven´t got free time to write here (houseworking is harder than I thought lol) but here it is, I just wanted to thank the team for not giving up on this issue, and surely these are great news, even greater due to the recent worlwide events, it´s nice to have this kind of news when the world is almost falling apart. I hope you guys are well and safe in your houses, and I can´t wait to jump in the new fixed 717.
  2. I think he meant that while the solution you guys offered works, it may not be viable for some people here since opening a second view window while flying causes a significant FPS drop. It might work for those who have high-end machines since the FPS drop wouldn´t be that big and they´ll be able to keep flying at a least decent fps count. That sounds amazing. I wonder if they´ll add the fix on their next P3D hotfix or will do a specific update just for this issue. Fingers crossed!
  3. Sanpp

    Icing Conditions

    Hi. My question is if the 717 simulates performance affected by icing conditions Thanks.
  4. Here you have a pic of the yoke to help you out
  5. Pressing the yellow button on the left side of the yoke will shut the alert down.
  6. Thanks for keeping us updated!
  7. So far it looks amazing! Thanks for supporting this community!
  8. It actually didn't specified how many airplanes from Volotea's fleet do have it installed. It was only a mention of it (also mentioned Blue1). So I don't know the exact registration of the aircraft.
  9. It is indeed an extraordinary aircraft. The main issue now is CTD when changing views, but looking at it, system-wise, it is amazing! I'd like a MD-90 from TFDi tho, or E-190.
  10. I doubt it about autobrakes since most of the aircrafts in 2001-2010 didn't had it. (airtran and most Delta 717s) Although, I've been reading that Volotea's 717 fleet do have it.
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