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  1. The TFDi 717 is a perfectly complete production IMO but that front office is a lonely place. Brian at FS2Crew said he has too many projects going to consider our beloved 717. Is there any way you guys could consider adding some kind of FO? If he could help with the plumbing that would be great, but if he just rode the right seat as ballast and called the TO speeds, flap and gear settings it would add a lot to the immersion. Any chance guys?
  2. OK, I'm in on my PC. Seems to be the AVSIM Log in bookmark on my tablet. My bad. Thanks for the replies guys.
  3. Thanks. I don't know what my problem is. Maybe I've been banned.😕
  4. Please forgive me for asking here but this is the only other sim forum I read. For three days they seem to have dropped off the radar. Everytime I go there I get "unable to reach site". I know they are planning to upgrade servers but I don't think they would go down this long without an announcement. I've seen nothing on Facebook and tried Googling for an answer with no luck. I'm sorry if it's inappropriate for me to ask here but I know TFDi developers are active there from time to time and hoped someone here would know something.
  5. I'm trying to find TFDi's announcement at Flights in Expo in Vegas without any luck. I know they made one so does anyone know what was said?
  6. Same problem here. Waiting on a ticket. Have you found a solution?
  7. patco lch


    Does this product work with PMDG NGX in FSX Steam?
  8. I see. Seems developers are leaving those of us behind with older equipment at a faster pace. I hope they realize a lot of people can't run out and spend hundreds if not thousands on upgrading equipment for a hobby. In the rush to jump on the P3DV4 train they may be leaving a large pool of business behind. Their decision to make I guess.
  9. When I change the fuel and pay load and send to sim, then start the sim, the tablet will show the figures for a few seconds then quickly go back to the default figures. Am I suppose to change the setting in the fuel and payload setting in the sim too?
  10. Does any one have this issue or found a solution? I get about 30 flags saying Failure to create render target and failure to create render target view. I just punch through them, doesn't affect anything I know of ,just annoying. I submitted a ticket and was told my graphics card (Nvida GE Force 9400 GT ) was the problem but it runs my PMDG jets with no problem.
  11. the TDFi team. Just enjoyed the nicest flight from kATL/KBNA, with reasonable scenery, addon airports, ASN, OPUS Camera, autogen and AI Smooth freeware and no CTD! Can see a lot of hours flying this bird ahead. Life be good! It would be even better if you guys could add a virtual first officer to handle FO duties and call outs. Don't think Bryan York will any time soon. He says he is too busy with other projects. Would be thrilled to see a MD80 or 90 in development. Give ole PMDG some competition!
  12. Seems the only time I have OOM issues now is if I activate OPUS Camera. I just have to use the default camera views I do fine. I don't have EZI Dock or chase plane so I don't know if they would be any different. Still getting Failure to render target flags every time I pull up this particular aircraft. Not too high up on the computer spec food chain, but my other study sims (PMDG) work fine with OPUS and no flags. Just my experience.
  13. The only issue left I can see is the VAS footprint. If that can be fixed, she's a fine aircraft and you guys can start working on an MD80.
  14. I've been with this aircraft for two weeks now and have only completed two because the others OOM. Like the above I have all the PMDG aircraft for Steam flying no problem. I use ASN for weather and OPUS for camera, and it seems I do fine with out OPUS.