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  1. Gents, I moved my TFDi account to ORBX, Installed the 717 through ORBX Central. The TFDi Addon Manager and aircraft all look fine The 717 is in the sim. I select it and it loads fine. Start the flight and immediately get a product not active or is no longer active flag. My TFDi account shows it is active and account moved to ORBX. Aircraft totally unusable. I have tried opening a ticket but the support portal no longer recognizes my pass word. I click forgot password but never get the Email it says it has sent to reset my password. From the ORBX forum I gather there are others with the same problem. Any help I can get would be appreciated.
  2. I'm thinking of purchasing just for an FO for the 717. I have FS2Crew for the rest of my hanger but there's not one available for the Angry Puppy. It's an expensive purchase, more then the aircraft cost but I can apply MCE to my others as well. Any advice or suggestions? Does anyone use MCE with this aircraft?
  3. patco lch


    Is the FMC on the 717 similar to the Airbus A320? Not a sim bus driver so I m just wondering.
  4. Call outs for take off speeds, gear and flap settings would be nice. Check list read out would be hyper nice! In other words another crew member if he didn't do anything else but that.😀
  5. The TFDi 717 is a perfectly complete production IMO but that front office is a lonely place. Brian at FS2Crew said he has too many projects going to consider our beloved 717. Is there any way you guys could consider adding some kind of FO? If he could help with the plumbing that would be great, but if he just rode the right seat as ballast and called the TO speeds, flap and gear settings it would add a lot to the immersion. Any chance guys?
  6. patco lch


    Does this product work with PMDG NGX in FSX Steam?
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