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  1. Good evening folks, We have recently overhauled the rules of the Discord and Forums to make them clearer and more explicit as we have had problems in the past that resulted in poor communication. These rules are now easier to understand, with clearly laid out sections. They are available to be read at the following link: https://tfdidesign.com/rules If you have any questions or wish to seek clarification on these rules, our staff team will be happy to assist you on the forums and in Discord. Thank you for being with us on this journey and we look forward to progressing with the devel
  2. This is due to the model changes made in updating to version 1.1. of the aircraft. If I recall correctly, this should be what you need:
  3. Happy Friday! Recently, we noticed some errors on the mobile site with Invision Power following the latest major update. We have since edited the theme so that everything functions normally - we apologise for any troubles you may have experienced! We expect there to be some minor teething problems, and we encourage you to report them in the helpdesk here if there are any issues! That's a very quick wrap, have a good weekend and we will be back in full swing development on Monday! Josh
  4. Please reference Fabio’s reply above.
  5. Adalan - this is not in our pipeline. We are focused on development of the MD-11 and we will potentially look into other aircraft after. I will bring this up when the time comes around to discussing future plans!
  6. Tyler, The 717 is being worked on also. We are testing new version of RealLight and TrueGlass to use better optimised technology and betas/testing updates will continue to be posted in the Discord server to the right of this post. If you need assistance with getting the roles, please reference the correct areas for support in the Discord. Josh
  7. Good afternoon folks! I hope that you have all been doing well and looking forward to your weekend! It has been a while since our last update, but we wanted to update you on our development progress before the week is out! Passenger and Crew Experience If you haven’t kept up to date with our beta testing, PACX has some awesome new features that are available for testers in our Discord server in the #pacx-testers channel. Let’s summarise the new features! MSFS 2020 Compatibility Testing has recently been completed in which the all-new PACX HUD and PACXBridge were made compati
  8. This is something beyond our control. As the fix describes, the issue lies with Microsoft and their Office suite of programs. There is nothing that we, nor other developers, are able to do to mitigate this issue.
  9. Jishwaah

    Airline Audio

    This YouTube tutorial shows a way in which you can get custom boarding music, thanks to Drawyah!
  10. It is worth noting that only English (United States) works with Voice Activation in PACX at this time. It may work with other English localities, but was designed for English US. It will most likely not work in any other language, as it cannot translate also! If you need help, please open a support ticket.
  11. Hello guys! We have had a few questions asked regarding the rank progression system within PACX. I will now explain each rank individually below, as well as the requirements in order to be promoted within your career! The values provided in the descriptions below are both required in order to progress to the next rank! At the end of this post, I will also discuss the class restrictions and default aircraft. Ranks Unranked - Class: A This is the default rank within PACX. Every new career will start off with you at this rank. To progress to the rank of Cadet, you need to have complet
  12. Hello all! Autolocker If you haven't sen recently, our latest Forum Moderator has been hard at work locking old topics that have not had a reply in more than 60 days. If you need to find an answer, it will likely have already been answered so make sure that you use the search function in the top right of the forum. If you need to ask a question or want to restart a discussion, then we strongly urge you to start a new topic! Please be mindful of the rules in regards to repeated questions, though! Thank you @Otto Pilot for your hard work! New Moderators Following our rec
  13. Food and drink service is fully automated - the cabin crew will handle all of that for you! In regards to the cabin layout editor, all information is explained here: We will also be adding various layouts over time and will publish additional layouts in the future!
  14. This topic has been automatically locked due to no responses being given in the past 60 days. If you need any further help, please create a new, detailed forum post or speak to a Community Moderator or Staff Member. - TFDi Design Forum Management
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