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  1. Seems nobody else wanted to reply.... I have a EVGA RTX 2080 Ti, 11GB DDR6
  2. @koko Are you able to click the tablet? If you enable ground power and the battery, you will be able to start the aircraft. The KB article most likely has any issues that you may be facing.
  3. We are now ready for everyone to start testing the TFDi Design 717 in Prepar3D v5. Please note, this is a beta. There may be issues with it and you are installing it at your own risk. That said, should you choose to install and test it, your feedback will be greatly appreciated via this form: https://forms.gle/h7HsCQbacvPTRpyi9. To access the beta and for more information, please join our Discord server (viewed on the right hand side of this post, click connect) and you will find all information in the announcements channel. You can also self assign the role of v5 Beta Tester to gain access to the testing channel to discuss the beta. Thank you for all your help, and hopefully we can get this fully compatible ASAP! Cheers, Josh
  4. Jishwaah


    There is no official timeline, as it keeps getting asked in Discord. We are just awaiting some bug fixes from LM. In regards to the upgrade price, it will be free.
  5. Dave, Moved to community support (for getting support). To install this, copy the information from the readme (if it is there), then add it to the aircraft.cfg file and ensure the livery directory is set appropriately and that the number is correct. For reference, which livery are you using?
  6. As Fabio said, it is everything that the addon manager downloads for it to be able to install into the sim. As things differ between different sims, they have different files downloaded. It also decreases the addon manager download size by only downloading what you need.
  7. At the moment, we initially plan to release the MD-11 and MD-11F.
  8. Can you elaborate further on what you mean?
  9. Please submit anything you have via this Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKyB0AsKOUzXUU0-KOt-SoaKVVe_N-YgHwyBOi20-ltRE0sw/viewform
  10. That would be perfect. If you have anything, please fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKyB0AsKOUzXUU0-KOt-SoaKVVe_N-YgHwyBOi20-ltRE0sw/viewform
  11. Do you have any real world reference of this? The more RW references we can get, the more precise we can make it!
  12. Would you mind elaborating more about the colours, please?
  13. Talk about good timing! Haha
  14. Jishwaah

    Livery Manager

    Livery Manager - yes or no?