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  1. As we create new products, we would like to take advantage of more modern technology which older operating systems do not support. These older operating systems often have major security issues and no longer support modern security practices. For example, we see this manifested in the difficulty some of our products have using newer security protocols on Windows 7. For these reasons, in addition to Microsoft’s own end of support for these older operating systems, from September 1st 2021 onward, TFDi Design will no longer support Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems. We will continue to support Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 for as long as Microsoft chooses to add security updates. You can find more information about Microsoft’s support dates here. We plan to support Windows 11 from release, which is expected in late 2021. As a customer, there are now two options: You can choose to upgrade to a more modern operating system such as Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and continue to receive support as they always have; or You can also choose to not upgrade, and stay on Windows 7 or Windows 8. This means that from September 1st 2021, our support team will request that the operating system of the machine is upgraded before proceeding with any further support. Please contact our support team via the helpdesk if you have any questions about these changes.
  2. @turbofandude Might be something of benefit to you
  3. Hi there! I have just tested this myself on v5.2 and all rain effects were working as anticipated. Are you using any external weather engine? Josh
  4. Hi David! Can you please elaborate on the exact error message you see? Cheers
  5. Hello! I just wanted to let you know about the new ranks here on our forum. In simple terms, for each badge you earn, you will gain 10 points. When you meet your first month and first year, you will earn 30 points instead. Full Breakdown Comment/Reply posted - 5 points First Reply - 10 points 10th Reply - 10 points 500th Reply - 10 points Content followed - 2 points Member followed - 2 points 10 followers - 10 points Node followed - 2 points New topic posted - 10 points 1st item posted - 10 points Reaction received - 2 points Reaction given - 1 point 5th reaction received - 10 points 100th reaction received - 10 points Registered for 7 days - 10 points Registered for 30 days - 30 points Registered for 365 days - 30 points Best answer - 50 points 10th best answer - 100 points Ranks New member - 0 points Rookie - 50 points Apprentice - 100 points Explorer - 150 points Contributor - 200 points Enthusiast - 300 points Community Member - 750 points Rising Star - 1000 points Experienced - 2000 points Advanced Member - 3000 points Veteran - 5000 points Grand Master - 10000 points Good luck getting up those ranks (and make sure you react so I can also get up the ranks 😂)!
  6. We have a similar idea in the pipeline. More information will come in due course as official announcements are made to explain what it actually is!
  7. Hi @StephanG2312, I have just tested this myself when registering for an account and it worked fine for me. It could be an issue with your adblocker if you have one, or maybe even not even being allowed by your browser. If you are still experiencing issues, please email support[at]tfdidesign[dot]com.
  8. Good Afternoon everyone! As of May 25th, 2021, TFDi Corp is no longer the name of our parent company. As a result of this, we are now known as Invernyx, Inc. It is important to stress at this time that no changes to the running of the business are intended nor changes to our product offerings. Our registration numbers in Florida are remaining unchanged. This change is simply administrative, where we are taking on a new brand as we continue to grow and expand our presence. Both TFDi Design and JetStream Radio are remaining as their current name and no changes to these brands will be made. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure that references to TFDi Corp are removed from our legal documents, agreements and websites, though the changes are expected to be rolled out slowly. Occasionally, you may notice references to TFDi Corp on our websites, and we encourage you to report these to us so that we can rectify these omissions. Over the next few hours, our executive management team will be updating as many systems as possible to reference this change. We would also like to thank Daryl for his work on this new logo, our small team who provided feedback on our logos, and our team for their support as we transition to the next stage! On behalf of the entire management team, we would like to thank you for joining us on this incredible journey from TFDi Corp to Invernyx, Inc. and for your continued support of our products and services. Kind Regards, Collin Biedenkapp and Joshua Riley Invernyx, Inc. Executive Management Team
  9. Happy Monday! It is with great pleasure that I can announce the latest people to join our team of Community Moderators. I am sure that you will all get to know these fresh faces soon, whether that be on these forums, in Discord or on smartCARS Global Chat! Please join me in congratulating @arwasairl @Ashton Fox @Claude and @Richard Thomas on their new position! Josh
  10. This is down to how the default aircraft in MSFS report their thrust to FSUIPC7. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do currently as we are awaiting better functionality for MSFS's SDK to support more advanced simulations and for FSUIPC to be fully updated and cover all bases. In the mean time, please ensure you keep running the latest versions of FSUIPC7, as it is going to likely be updated very soon to support this!
  11. Jishwaah

    Landing Data?

    Both read directly from FSUIPC, so I am not sure of what caused the discrepancy. Maybe @turbofandude can shed some more light on this inner workings?
  12. The checklist in this download is a standard checklist for flying. If you want to know how to fully fly the aircraft including each individual switch, please read the manuals that came with the aircraft.
  13. What simulator are you using? A kernelbase.dll is such a generic error DLL module, so it is very hard to actually diagnose the root cause of the issue. Can you also try to send us the PACX.log file as well please? This will be in the PACX folder.
  14. This is already a feature, accessible on the very page before you start the flight.
  15. Good afternoon! I just wanted to share our official announcement that TFDi Design has partnered up with the Flight Simulation Association to bring you a wonderful 10% discount off the TFDi Design 717! Interested in learning what FSA is? Read on to see the official media release information! Want to get your hands on the discount? Sign up using the link below and head to the discounts section. All information about how to get the discount is already there and ready to go! If you are already a member of the TFDi Design Discord Server, please contact a moderator and they can get you the access code! --- Flight Simulation Association is a newly launched hub offering discounts, webinars, learning resources, and even the ability to locate nearby simmers. Anyone in the community can join for just $30 per year at www.flightsimassociation.com. In partnership with over 50 developers and content creators, the co-founders of FlightSimExpo are proud to announce the launch of Flight Simulation Association (FSA). FSA is a new, independent association designed to advance flight simulation as a hobby, a pilot training aid, and as a means to explore the passion for virtual flight. Anyone can join at www.flightsimassociation.com. For new simmers and real-world pilots, FSA provides guides, learning resources, and webinars to help get started in simulation. For experienced simmers, the association offers over $500 in exclusive discounts, in-depth, unique access to developers, and the ability to locate nearby simmers. “Like with FlightSimExpo, we are hoping to spur an independent, simmer-driven effort to promote our hobby,” says Evan Reiter, co-founder of FSA. “We think existing simmers will love the wide variety of product discounts, but we also hope they’ll get involved to share their ideas and experiences so we can build great resources for those joining our hobby for the first time.” Starting today, more than $500 in discounts across flight simulation’s top products are available through FSA. These include latest releases and popular products from A2A Simulations, Aerosoft, Flight Velocity, Flightbeam, FlyTampa, FS2Crew, Honeycomb, iniBuilds, Javiator, Just Flight, LatinVFR, PacSim, PILOT’S, PropWash Simulation, RealSimGear, Stay Level Avionix, TFDi Design, Virtual Fly, and X-Plane.org. FSA members can also register for an exclusive group on the Prepar3D forums where they’ll have closer access to the development team to ask questions. By joining the FSA Discount Group on OrbxDirect, FSA members can save 20% on a revolving suite of top-selling Orbx products, including BASE, Vector, openLC, TrueEarth, and more. There’s even a 10% discount on purchases of X-Plane 11 from Laminar Research. “But it’s much more than discounts: we want people to help us build FSA together so we can continue some of the cool things we started doing at FlightSimExpo 2019,” continues Evan. “Imagine more advertisements for home flight simulation in real-world magazines and at Oshkosh and SUN ‘n FUN. What if, someday, there was a single place you could search for add-ons and airports across all platforms and developers? These are the types of things that become possible when you have an independent organization that works to support both flight simmers and developers.” For the first time ever, FSA will make it possible for simmers to find other enthusiasts in their local area! By creating a Simmer Search profile, FSA members can search for and connect with others who are nearby, creating mentorship and social opportunities beyond the big annual conferences. “If you’ve ever thought that there might be other simmers in your neighborhood, now you can find out!” says co-founder Phil Coyle. “Available for FSA members who opt in, Simmer Search lets you create a profile and then search for others. You can connect via email to get help, exchange ideas, and even sim together in-person, when it’s safe to do so. We hope this eventually results in simmers creating local clubs and meet-ups throughout the year.” In addition to Discounts and Simmer Search, FSA will offer live and recorded webinars, allowing members the opportunity to engage directly with developers between in-person shows. The initial schedule features scenery design with Flightbeam, sneak previews from X-Plane, PC building advice, and tips from real-world airline pilots. FSA also offers free Getting Started Guides designed to provide information to beginners, including curated lists of top resources. Additional members-only guides provide information about scenery, navdata, charts, tablets, virtual reality, and more, featuring video content from popular content creators. There’s even a 5-part Learning Flight series featuring some of the most scenic areas in the United States. Like the conference, Flight Simulation Association is built by the community. Through surveys, feedback, screenshot sharing, and more, members will help drive the content on the site, ensuring it remains an active reflection of our world. FSA encourages experienced simmers, content creators, news organizations, and others in flight simulation and real-world aviation to Contribute to the content and offerings of the association. To start accessing the $500+ in members-only discounts, simmers can visit www.flightsimassociation.com and create a free, 30-day trial account. A full membership is $30/year. “With the community, we hope to build something amazing together. We’re excited to hear what you think!” --- If you want any clarification on this amazing new project, please feel free to reach out to a moderator in our Discord server: https://tfdidesign.com/chat!
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