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  1. Hello all! Autolocker If you haven't sen recently, our latest Forum Moderator has been hard at work locking old topics that have not had a reply in more than 60 days. If you need to find an answer, it will likely have already been answered so make sure that you use the search function in the top right of the forum. If you need to ask a question or want to restart a discussion, then we strongly urge you to start a new topic! Please be mindful of the rules in regards to repeated questions, though! Thank you @Otto Pilot for your hard work! New Moderators Following our rec
  2. Food and drink service is fully automated - the cabin crew will handle all of that for you! In regards to the cabin layout editor, all information is explained here: We will also be adding various layouts over time and will publish additional layouts in the future!
  3. This topic has been automatically locked due to no responses being given in the past 60 days. If you need any further help, please create a new, detailed forum post or speak to a Community Moderator or Staff Member. - TFDi Design Forum Management
  4. Will X be compatible with MSFS 2020?” is a question that we have been asked a lot recently, both in Discord and on the forums. For the past couple of days, I have been testing the compatibility of both smartCARS 2, smartCARS Premium and PACX. These tests have not been thorough by any means, but we feel that enough has been covered to make this announcement. smartCARS 2 and PACX will be compatible with MSFS2020 at launch. From our tests using FSUIPC7, the results were staggeringly positive. All variables that our application reads to and from are all working and being recorded inside
  5. [MOVED TO SUPPORT SECTION] You need to contact your virtual airline. We do not manage the username or passwords when signing into the product.
  6. Unfortunately, this is not something we are able to do at this stage.
  7. @thegremlin You go to the channel mentioned above and click the appropriate reaction
  8. Version 1.0.0


    With thanks to @TheBoeing747, here is our official anniversary repaint! For all queries, please send a forum message to him!
  9. 6 years ago today, TFDi Design became an official registered company. Throughout this long period, the company has grown to where it is today, and from the administration team here, @turbofandude and I, we would like to thank everyone who has worked at TFDi Design, both past and present, for their motivation and abilities that helped grow the company. One of our community members, @TheBoeing747, has been working with Collin and I over the past few weeks to help work on a celebratory house livery for the TFDi Design 717, and has also written a few words and asked our current staff members
  10. First of all, I would like to say thank you to every person who has submitted content for the MD-11. We have been inundated with key materials that will contribute directly to the development of the aircraft.Everything is greatly appreciated. If you do have any more manuals, diagrams, photographs, or information please continue to send them in right here. A big shoutout to @ozzman1997 for his continued hard work on the exterior model. The control surfaces are now all exported from the model and our flight dynamics programmer will soon begin his work from the amazing material that has been
  11. Good afternoon! Over the past few weeks since our announcement of the MD-11, a lot of progress has been made to the aircraft alongside ongoing work with our Passenger and Crew Experience addon. This blog post will bring you up to speed on what we are doing in the background. PACX We have noticed a few bug reports regarding extreme taxi conditions. Upon further review, there were parameters involved with the extreme taxi conditions that often triggered the message in the client. As a result, the decision was made to remove this event from PACX as it is almost impossible to define
  12. TFDi Design is proud to announce the TFDi Design 717 project! We are working hard on the new 717 project, and it is farther along than expected. Why the 717? The 717 is a very fun airplane to fly, and is different than any other aircraft. It has a unique design, both externally and internally, and will be a pleasure to design and fly. The flight simulation community was in desperate need of a quality 717, and we feel we can fulfill that need. How far along is it? The 717 is currently about 20% of the way completed. Currently the external model is mostly completed, and the fligh
  13. Roberto, We would recommend the use of PHPVMS to achieve what you want. If you are wanting to integrate this with smartCARS, it is easy to do. We will even install the phpVMS for you if you select the option at checkout when you order our web hosting. Josh