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  1. This is down to how the default aircraft in MSFS report their thrust to FSUIPC7. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do currently as we are awaiting better functionality for MSFS's SDK to support more advanced simulations and for FSUIPC to be fully updated and cover all bases. In the mean time, please ensure you keep running the latest versions of FSUIPC7, as it is going to likely be updated very soon to support this!
  2. Jishwaah

    Landing Data?

    Both read directly from FSUIPC, so I am not sure of what caused the discrepancy. Maybe @turbofandude can shed some more light on this inner workings?
  3. The checklist in this download is a standard checklist for flying. If you want to know how to fully fly the aircraft including each individual switch, please read the manuals that came with the aircraft.
  4. What simulator are you using? A kernelbase.dll is such a generic error DLL module, so it is very hard to actually diagnose the root cause of the issue. Can you also try to send us the PACX.log file as well please? This will be in the PACX folder.
  5. This is already a feature, accessible on the very page before you start the flight.
  6. Good afternoon! I just wanted to share our official announcement that TFDi Design has partnered up with the Flight Simulation Association to bring you a wonderful 10% discount off the TFDi Design 717! Interested in learning what FSA is? Read on to see the official media release information! Want to get your hands on the discount? Sign up using the link below and head to the discounts section. All information about how to get the discount is already there and ready to go! If you are already a member of the TFDi Design Discord Server, please contact a moderator and they can get yo
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This pack contains the boarding music, safety demonstration and cabin layout for Jet2.com and Jet2Holidays on their Boeing 737-800 series aircraft. To install, move the B737-700 Jet2.xml file to "\Program Files (x86)\TFDi Design\PACX\Assets\Airplanes". The boarding music and safety demonstration can be placed where applicable and to your own preference. If you have any issues with using this pack, please let me know in the comments section below and I will fix any errors. Enjoy!
  8. Apologies for only just seeing this comment - we are still working on the internal API. As we approach release, we will start releasing information and documentation for the API!
  9. This is indicative of a communication problem between smartCARS and your virtual airline. You will need to speak to the owner of the smartCARS licence to debug the issue and, if necessary, double check that the smartCARS files are in correct working order.
  10. If airports are missing from the program completely, you can add them yourself. If it is audio, it is not currently possible.
  11. That behaviour is not expected. Please open a ticket with us and we can take a closer look!
  12. The 747 would probably fit into Class D.
  13. We are still very much in the beginning stages of development, so it is impossible to state fully about customisation. That being said, we fully envision making it as customisable as possible for our Virtual Airline customers to tailor to their own needs. When we have more information, we will inform everyone! The 717, again, has no plans to be brought to MSFS 2020 in the near future. It is something we may want to revisit Post-MD-11 and consider updating it to the simulators of current times, and not design with FSX in mind. The MD-11 will initially be released for P3D v4 and
  14. This appears to be the chat sound. You can disable the sounds in the settings tab of the application and you will no longer hear the ding sound. In regards to being in the foreground, this is not something that is normal behaviour for SC2 and is not something I have personally seen. What are your PC specs?
  15. This will be in your keyboard settings in P3D v4.
  16. I am really sorry that your initial experience of using the aircraft is sub-par of both the expections of yourself and us. Orbx does communicate with the TFDi Design website which will create an account with us (as that is how our DRM and licencing works). That being said, you *should*, under normal circumstances, receive an email from us with credentials to access accounts. Unfortunately, you have been using our systems during an email outage which is being communicated in our Discord (https://tfdidesign.com/chat) and on our Status Page: (https://status.tfdicorp.com/). Emails are li
  17. Are you disabling the autopilot directly on the yoke of the aircraft, or just on the MCP?
  18. We had an issue with the activation system last night which was fixed during the early hours of this morning. In terms of the support system, that is an external program so any errors are not related. Please let us know if the issue persists.
  19. Hi there and welcome to the Forums! Please open a support ticket so our team can assist you further. The link is in my signature.
  20. Hi there. Please can you explain what issue you are having specifically?
  21. Happy Wednesday! As our team start to wrap up with a shortened week for Thanksgiving, we just wanted to provide a quick update on our development progress since the last one was pushed out. smartCARS 3 With the addition of an extra team member on the project for a couple of weeks, immense progress has been made on smartCARS 3, bringing in the next installment of the iconic tracking software used for many years. With a new login system, only one version of smartCARS will need to be installed at any one time. This means that no longer will you need to install a version for ever
  22. Our support staff do not work weekends and your ticket will be replied to as soon as possible.
  23. Happy Saturday! I know a lot of us are currently flying Cross the Pond on VATSIM right now or even controlling! Let's share some photos of the day whether behind the scope or in the air! Tell us your stories I'll start by saying I am currently on Manchester Tower (EGCC) and, even though it is non-event, there is a whole host of traffic to contend with which is great!
  24. What errors are you seeing when P3D crashes? Is it just at one airport or at various? What are your system specs? Which version of P3D v4 are you running?
  25. The smartCARS Chat will still be only available in the app its self. That is what smartCARS has always been and making it into yet another chat room defeats the purpose of having a Discord server. The whole point of the SC chat is so that people from all VAs get a place to talk aviation without needing to join a separate Discord server and go through various different rooms! That being said, we have some amazing ideas to update the mobile app and provide moderators with better tools!
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