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  1. Jishwaah's post in Map without flights ? was marked as the answer   
    I can see this also. Open a support ticket with us and I can get this escalated easier to the developers  
  2. Jishwaah's post in 717 steering problem still was marked as the answer   
    That behaviour is not expected. Please open a ticket with us and we can take a closer look!
  3. Jishwaah's post in Addonmanager internet connection issue was marked as the answer   
    Our support staff do not work weekends and your ticket will be replied to as soon as possible. 
  4. Jishwaah's post in Livery Manager was marked as the answer   
    Livery Manager - yes or no?
  5. Jishwaah's post in How do I post in this forum? was marked as the answer   
    Good luck, and happy suggesting!
  6. Jishwaah's post in Activation Issue was marked as the answer   
    Please navigate to **%local appdata%/TFDi Design Addon Manager** folder and delete the install.key file.
    Then, proceed to uninstall the 717 via the addon manager program. After this, close the addon manager application, re-open it and attempt a reinstallation of the aircraft. Please let me know if the error persists.
  7. Jishwaah's post in TDFI Error while downloading through launcher?? was marked as the answer   
    Please navigate to and delete %localappdata%\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13\Configuration.
    Once this happens, reopen the Addon Manager, ensure you are using the most updated version, and then proceed with your installation. Please let us know if your issue persists by opening a support ticket!
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