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  1. What livery is this? Did you follow the ReadMe guide included?
  2. All open tickets have been responded to today. If you haven't had a reply, please log in to your client account and you will be able to see your reply.
  3. Can you send a screenshot of the issue?
  4. If your fuel is not being depleted, ensure that "unlimited fuel" is not enabled in your sim.
  5. I am really sorry for the delay. The team have been out at Flight Sim Show Cosford all weekend and support is still very low until the team are all able to return home and begin working again. The intensity of long days and travel tend to mean slower than average response times.
  6. I know you have all been eagerly awaiting the release of the latest PACX version and we've been working tirelessly to get this rolled out to you over the past few days ahead of Flight Sim Show Cosford at the weekend. Collin's changelog below covers each aspect of the changes briefly, but I wanted to show you what major additions we have made to PACX in this release. Career Mode With the introduction of career mode, you have the opportunity to set the parameters to run the airline as you wish. You can choose your reputation (economy, balanced or business) which each come with dynamic events that occur. Each reputation type will attract a unique customer base, so you may see more or less of passenger incidents . You can have the opportunity to restrict aircraft by rank too. This allows you to fly more aircraft as you progress through the ranks of the virtual airline, with only the best captains being let loose in the mighty 747! We have also introduced "Hardcore Mode" within the career mode, which automatically records every flight you complete, as well as disabling slew and time acceleration to ensure you work harder to increase passenger satisfaction during longer flights! Be careful, though, as one crash will end your career... The Awards System Each award has its own unique badge and is tailored specifically to you! Once you have earned an award, simply clicking on it will take you to the unique web page for your award, which you can share with your friends! Every award has a set criteria to meet in order to earn it, such as activity, dependability (on-time), passenger satisfaction and dealing with incidents. You can even work against other PACX users to be in the top 10 pilots within a month to win awards. Each award has bronze, silver, gold and platinum tiers, with platinum being our most prestige award which only a few pilots receive. If you were an early supporter of PACX or a developer/contributor, you will get a special award that can only be given out manually. It's a great opportunity to show off if you have earned either award, as they are "limited edition"! Native X-Plane PACXBridgeXP This update also brings the in-sim menu and in-sim message support to X-Plane natively via PACXBridgeXP. More information on that is available here. The Records System In the new records page, you can choose to show all flights in all careers or narrow it down by career. Selecting the drop-down underneath “Career to Display”, you will be presented with a list of careers to choose from. Depending whether you choose to show them all, or just per career, the information below will be tailored to what you select. Updated Sounds The sounds served a purpose, but they're getting smarter. You will now be able to hear the destination being spoken in announcements during the boarding and push back phase, as well as on arrival at your destination. Also in the arrival message, you will now hear the local time (based on your simulator time, so it will be accurate at any time of day in your simulator), as well the outside air temperature. It's worth mentioning that in countries using Celsius to measure temperature, you will hear the sound in C, whereas in countries that use Fahrenheit, you will hear it appropriately! Record Syncing First off, PACX is still usable completely offline (outside of activation). When online, our record system will automatically (and efficiently) backup and synchronize careers, awards, and flight records with our server (and therefore, between computers) in the background. You won't spend much time waiting for downloads or loading, as everything is intelligently cached locally to speed things up. This system allows you to simply enjoy the product and not worry about backing up or downloading anything. This just about covers the major changes made to the application, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the additions in due course. You can also see the full list of changes and updates made in the forum post below.
  7. We are actively testing this CTD bug with a group of testers and a team at LM to identify the root cause of the issue and to bring a fix out for you as soon as possible. We haven't forgotten about it, nor are we avoiding it. We want this resolved as much as you guys do
  8. Please open up a ticket and we will get this resolved for you!
  9. Oscar, Are other pilots in your VA also experiencing the issue? Are you able to connect to the VA's website without issue?
  10. Josh Riley

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    @tommie__, Please open up a support ticket with us and I will look into it for you.
  11. @rickichy27, We would recommend the use of phpVMS for your VA. You can find it here: It is fairly straight forward to install, and if you have cPanel for your web hosting, you can use the database wizard to get your database configured even quicker. The phpVMS forums are a good place to look for advice too: Josh