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  1. It simply is down to LM listing it as being a rather low priority when considered with other bugs they need to fix. We've tried the nagging method, and we're holding out for it to be addressed in future releases in regards to the SLI problems. Sorry to keep you all waiting, I'm just as eager to see this get fixed for you guys
  2. Hey Kevin. Sorry to hear you're having some issues. Please open up a support ticket with us and we can look into this properly.
  3. Hey, Sorry to hear you're experiencing some issues. From what you've told us, it doesn't immediately strike me as an issue we've noticed before but that could also mean it isn't getting reported. If you could open up a support ticket for us, with your PC specs (and ideally your friend's), we will do our best to look into this for you!
  4. Hey @Encrypted, Please open a support ticket with us so that we can look into this fully Josh
  5. I can see this also. Open a support ticket with us and I can get this escalated easier to the developers
  6. Please open up a ticket with us.
  7. I believe a new fix has just been released as it was a bug on Navigraph's part
  8. Is this in the cold and dark state? Please try using the state such as "ready to fly" and see if you can see the animations.
  9. Is this on view change, or just randomly?
  10. Please use the square bracket keys to open up another internal VC view, and minimise it in the bottom corner. This is all we have until a finalised fix is produced by LM.
  11. @Jeff Thomas It's not dead, and I can assure you that we are working on the next iteration. As we are fully re-writing the code, the suggestions and bugs will be added/mitigated respectively and we will ensure that the next version will be much improved over SC2.
  12. Can you send me your PC system specs too please, as well as your 717 version and whether you are in the beta? Tag me in the response so I get an alert you have replied
  13. Please open up a ticket with us as we will need to look at your account
  14. I'm really sorry that we've been quiet. In the background, we have been very busy and have been putting a focus on those clients who had approached us this way. In regards to the view change bug, I am yet to hear from Collin/Brandon about this, though I would have assumed it would have resolved the issues with the bug fixes. I am really unsure as to why this is the case but leave it with me and I will try and get a response from the powers that be and get back to you It's on my list to sort out!
  15. Could you elaborate on this for me? I'm not really sure what you mean!
  16. I'm not sure what the issue is here, but I am guessing it is something to do with communication between the two pieces of software/ @FlyPc could you link me to where you got the message from the developer from? I can't find anything easily
  17. Please open up a ticket with us so we can look into this further.
  18. As far as I am aware, there should be no compatibility issues with 4.4, as it is largely just bug fixes and updates, nothing to do with how the sim actually works
  19. Ken, Would I be right in assuming that you are programming this from the NAV/RAD page in the 717's FMS? If not, that should be the place to go to fill in all of the required information. Let me know if I can help further.
  20. At the moment, we don't officially support phpVMS 7, however we are actively looking into this. For now though, especially with those VAs hosted through TFDi Design, we are not able to support phpVMS 7 being run on our shared hosts just yet either. This is due to limitations with the level of SSH access needed for an install. Although we don't have any immediate plans, I have seen that Nabeel has posted here about making it for shared hosting and there is a plan to get it available for shared hosting in the near future. However, for now, it is only able to be run on servers where the user has, essentially, full root access which for some large hosting companies is a security problem if many people have that access. I am all ears if you have any further comments on this
  21. Please open a support ticket with us and we will take a look into this for you.
  22. Captain Z, Please open a support ticket with us, describing the issues you are having and when, as well as your full system PC specs and we will take a look. Josh
  23. Sorry for the "radio silence" here. We are waiting on a fix from LM, it's out of our hands. We are waiting on LM to release some changes that support the way that us, and some other, developers, make use of the SDK. We will keep people updated on the Forum and Social Media as and when we get a permanent fix.