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    Activation Issues

    Please make sure that there are no spaces either side of the key. If that doesn't work then try typing it in manually.
  2. It will not be working in smartCARS 2 however it will be working in smartCARS 3
  3. Try opening a support ticket and we will be happy to assist. You can find the link for the support desk in my signature. Also include your system specs and the simulator you are running, 717 version and any logs you have of the crashes.
  4. Have you tried reinstalling P3D?
  5. You need to use legacy rendering which is located in your panels folder.
  6. @wohanlon Glad to hear you like it also . You certainly can share your converted files. I was able to upload custom safety announcements to this thread. So if you would like to use them be my guest, and by all means share yours too! BASaftey.wav TUISaftey.wav VirignAtlanticSaftey.wav
  7. @FPV42 I recommend taking a look at the latest changelog. Which you can find here
  8. @BBQSteve Fear not BBQSteve. It takes time to develop a product, I can assure you it will be added however smartCARS 2 will not have any more features added. smartCARS 3 will be new and improved and will most likely have your suggestion implemented. However for the time being you will just have to make do with what is already working.
  9. @N752SK If you haven't already there's a channel in the TFDi Design discord where there is a link to download a beta addon manager to get the 717 in V5. If you need to get this role you can find it in #assign-roles. Hope this helps
  10. There is no option to disable this detection unfortunately.