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  1. What is the current issue you are experiencing?
  2. This issue is now resolved!
  3. @SCUBYI know there were some issues last night with the addon manager. Has this issue since been resolved?
  4. Some great suggestions! I shall make the team aware of them
  5. So like this however instead of "Toggle HUD" use Show/Hide instead
  6. Ethanb_UK

    pacx to buy

    @oranSo you can purchase it from here -> https://www.tfdidesign.com/pacx.php PACX does support MSFS2020
  7. Yes there is. You can make a cabin layout by following these instructions Currently PACX isn't built for GA as the announcements are more for commercial aircraft, however this doesn't stop you from using the announcement feature on GA aircraft. There may be some native compatibility added in the future, but I am not sure when this will be.
  8. What operating system are you running?
  9. @19pecker67 I have forwarded this suggestion to the dev team.
  10. @killerbsting16 This small GIF should help you out Go to the system tray -> Right click PACX -> Then toggle HUD
  11. Glad to see you got it working
  12. This will be updated to so that the ratio is 1 cabin crew member to 50 Pax up to maximum number of crew seats in the cabin layout
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