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Community Answers

  1. Please try this solution here -> 717 Unactivated : TFDi Design
  2. It will be on support.tfdidesign.com a support rep has just responded
  3. I understand you have a support ticket open, I will let them deal with this issue there
  4. @Fabio Almeida Are you able to assit further?
  5. Are you using .wav formats or mp3?
  6. Hello, Please follow the steps listed in this support article 717 Unactivated : TFDi Design. If that doesn't work please open a ticket using the link in my signature.
  7. Hello! smartCARS 3 is still in devlopment I can assure you of that. We have recently released a development update through our Blog, which tells you about the state of MD-11, PACX and smartCARS 3 during our time at FSExpo. However, you can find more updates and screenshots on our Discord (link in my signature).
  8. If you open a support ticket using the link in my signiture. Our lovley support team will assist you further.
  9. @ivansjg Please can you follow the steps listed here -> Vocal recognition failing to start (or is disabled) : TFDi Design
  10. So the incident frequency is the setting to turn off emergencies. Incident means both non emergency situations and emergency situations/
  11. Glad to see the issue is resolved. Any new issues feel free to create another forum post
  12. Currently there is no plans to update any PACX sounds. There have been suggestions about changing the PACX sounds in the past but due to there being many many audio files this is something that doesn't happen overnight and will take a while. There may be plans in the future to redo the sounds but I am not able to say exactly when this will happen.
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