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  1. iMoveQuick

    Fuel Stop?

    In probably just run it in 2 legs, makes it a lot easier! But I will try it without ending the flight!
  2. iMoveQuick

    Fuel Stop?

    Yes, I just land and park at the gate to refuel, not to open the doors.
  3. iMoveQuick

    Fuel Stop?

    Hi there, Is it possible to make a fuel stop if the plane that I'm flying noramlly doesn't make it? Because I'm using Air Hauler 2 and scheduled a flight from EHAM to YSSY, but I need a fuel stop. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, Today I decided to re-install windows, because I got alot of problems with it. But when trying to install PACX is tells me I've reached my activation limit. Can this be reset? Regards, iMoveQuick
  5. iMoveQuick

    Some thoughts!

    You could! It worked for me with delta’s A350 safety demo. Even though In was flying the 777👌
  6. iMoveQuick

    Some thoughts!

    The automatic sounds are working fine! But the interaction with the pax with my own voice doesn’t work properly. It has something to do with my speech setting (I don’t have Windows in English). Just can’t seem to get it working when downloading the English pack.
  7. iMoveQuick

    No Interaction

    Same problem... It only does the automatic announcements
  8. iMoveQuick

    Some thoughts!

    You should add your own safety announcements! You can find them on the internet. But I also got the same problems during flight.. Just no interaction with the crew or passengers. Expected more...
  9. Hi there, So today I bought PACX, but I'm still figuring out how everything works. But I got a few issues or things I don't understand. 1. When telling them the seatbelts are off they make the announcement, but right after they tell it's on again, which is isn't. (PMDG 777) 2. Interacting doesn't play any sounds, I don't even get the message that it's listening, or does it work in anthoer way? 3. How does PACX work with GSX, because I've GSX for boarding, but don't know the exact times it takes to board. 4. Key binding don't work properly. Thanks for reading!