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  1. At Colin request, THE MCDU causes excessive freezing stutters when accessing the MCDU during descent. Everything works normal from takeoff to cruise but as the aircraft begins the VNAV decent profile, any access in the MCDU causes 1-7 second freezes. Even clicking on the different functional buttons causes this. It makes controlling the aircraft jerky and unpleasant. I hope it can be replicated so I can finally enjoy the 717 again. Thanks!! V/R Darren Esannason
  2. Nope never used chaseplane. Just Vpilot, vroute Smartcars and AS16 for P3DV4. v/r ROMAN78
  3. Well after disabling all other addons., the error still remains when changing views...unflyable for me for the time being. This is the only P3DV4 compatible aircraft that has this issue on my system. I'll look forward to hearing off any future fixes. Tak care!! V/R ROMAN78
  4. Good Morning, Having the same random CTD with the 717. Happens when changing views. I won't fly it until a fix is found/provided. v/r ROMAN78
  5. Hello, Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but I use the number pads to control the rudder/tiller. Since I've installed P3DV4, I'm unable to re-center the nose gear when on takeoff roll or even when taxiing using Number"5" button like all other aircraft. Every other aircraft I've installed in P3DV4 (PMDG 747/77) works correctly in re-centering but the 717. Just wondering if this is a known problem or its just something on my end. Suggestions for solving are welcomed. Thanks ROMAN78
  6. Is saw in another post what I believe I'm describing in this post. He called them the ND "Level At" indications (Hockey Puk indications) and intercept At indication. I believe its white when climbing and blue when descending. Thanks!! v/r Roman06
  7. ROMAN06

    Engine Fan textures

    Hello, Anyway to improve the spinning effect of the engine fans. It looks like its free-wheeling the entire time from startup to shutdown. Just wondering.. Thanks!! v/r Roman06
  8. Please see posted video... Hope this explains what I'm talking about. v/r Roman06
  9. ROMAN06

    APPR/LAND Logic

    Good afternoon, The approach was going according to plan. I was downwind to begin the approach to rwy 27L. I made a 360 heading and push the APPR/LAND I was about 10nm south of intercepting. Instead of staying on that heading the aircraft immediately turned toward the rwy and began descending to catch the glideslope. I went from a v/s rate of -800fpm (I set) to a -3400fpm. So I impovised bu waiting till I was close to the IAF to select APPR/LAND again. If this isn't a bug, could you please post the procedure for ILS intercept in the TFDI 717. Thanks!! v/r Roman06
  10. Good Morning, Are the blue arrows used when in V/S mode be added/modelled with the TFDI 717? Just wondering Roman06
  11. Hello, Just completed my first flight with the 717 from KLAS-KLAX BOACH7 HEC RIIVR3 arrival. It performed ok. The profile descent into KLAX was ok. Altitude constraints were fine but speed constraints need work. I was hestitant to purchase it but I'm impressed with the performance. Speedbrakes are way to sensitive.. VAS/FPS were real good in P3DV3. One question, are autobrakes planned in future updates? Thanks ROMAN06
  12. Hello I recently purchased the 717 with the opt-beta but its says (opt-beta says pending...can anyone help?Also I tried logging in to the addon-manager and it says my credentials are invalid. I've already installed the 717... Just awaiting approval into the beta. Thanks ROMAN06