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  1. I want to thank you for all the work this year and really like the improved product! Still I am a bit disappointed to read that the Holding feature wont make it in the version 1.1. I expected this to be rather high on the priority list and think it is really essential to an aircraft. I am sure you are doing what you can and hope it wont take too long until it is available.
  2. I have this issue, too- actually not just since the last update and reported the problem a while ago. For me besides the Holding feature the most important thing on my wish list
  3. Great work Fabio, especially the Blue1 livery!! The one that I´d like is the Airtran livery.
  4. Hello, during a short test flight I observed the following: 1. When approaching the selected altitute while descending in VS Mode -800 ft/min the FMA changes to HOLD. During the last ~300 ft the Vertical Speed increases up to 1700 ft/min before reducing again. (Pic 002, 004, 005) 2. Seconds later I pushed the APPR/LAND button to intercept the ILS- and the aircraft instantly captures the ILS although the localizer is still too far away. Also it should maintain NAV mode until intercepting, instead the aircraft turns left. (Pic 007)