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  1. Thanks @funkyj4ever I know we are waiting for a permanent fix for this but I don't think we are going to get one. Which is why I am trying to get the most out of this workaround, taking this bird into big cities is just too taxing on the system.
  2. Guys the additional view workaround cuts my fps by almost 30%! Can anyone comment on if a specific additional view has minimum impact on the fps? For me both VC and map additional view eat up the fps. Thanks!
  3. Thanks is there a solution for view cycling in the main view if I don't own a camera add-on?
  4. @Sanpp thanks for this tip! Question - once I have another view window open, how do I cycle views (using the S key) in the main full screen view and not in the small new view window I opened?
  5. I am getting this untraceable CTDs also when only panning in the VC. Is anyone else getting it not only when changing views? Shom
  6. +1 I just got a CTD w/o even changing views but simply by panning around the cockpit (using TrackIR). This is becoming very frustrating. Is there any indication if LM solved the issue? Working on solving it? Can someone point to the thread? I am certain it is not GPU related since it occurred with my previous 970 and still occurring after upgrading to a 1080ti. Thanks,
  7. @turbofandude could it be related to the fact I installed client only when upgrading to v4.3?
  8. Reproduced from the start.- I fire up the sim, load the aircraft and once the screens come on left N1 is already on 95% (other figures as well above zero). This happens only with the left engine . Also, the engine start up sounds normally with engine rumble, starter cut out etc... but it produces no thrust after that point. Weird!
  9. Reproduced also when opening the Addon manager after launching the sim. Correct it is the payload which needs to be loaded twice
  10. @turbofandude Last time I forgot to notice if N1 was 95% from the start or only after engine start up. I will supply more details when it is reproduced.
  11. OK so unfortunately this got reproduced. Started the aircraft normally from C&D state and went through the normal start up procedure. Another thing to mention (also from last time it happened) - although the left engine figures are high (N1 at 95% even at idle) at takeoff it seems this engine is not giving any thrust. The aircraft veers to the left and does not gain airspeed for takeoff. Reloading C&D state from the tablet inits the engine figures and all is back to normal like last time this occurred.
  12. Yes the add on manager is opened before I fire up the sim. And after I fire up the flight I minimize the sim and move to the add on manager in order to update the figures --> send figures to the sim --> return to the sim Is there another way this needs to be done?
  13. Click send fuel to aircraft once + click send payload to aircraft once --> return to the sim and tablet is not updated correctly Return to add on manager once again click send fuel to aircraft once + click send payload to aircraft --> return to sim and tablet figures are correct Thanks, Shom
  14. Hi, In continuation to - I've noticed in order to get the fuel & payload figures on the tablet to match the ones set by the add on manager I need to send the data twice to the simulator. Any idea? Shom
  15. It does not return back to the normal levels... Edit: this has not reproduced for me, will report if it does...