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  1. Hi All. Boy do i feel a bit stupid, some might question only a bit? Awhile back i posted about my 717 and flashing screens and although i tried everything one thing i didn't do was upgrade to P3DV4.3 i was running on 4.0 as there was a few issues with later updates. I have now upgraded to 4.3 and i have to confess itsworking like a dream! I know its something i should have done first but as i say there was issues with P3D4 which scared me a bit as i had heard about all sorts of issues with Aircraft, Paint jobs and such so i thought i'd wait until it was sorted. It threw me a bit with the latest update from TFDi and it was after that that it all started going Pear shape i never gave it a thought that P3D could be the issue. So with this said i would like to say sorry if i have caused a few heads to be scratched! My Aircraft is, at this moment in time running just fine. Any ways i'm off to the shops to buy a big spade so that i can prepare for the next big hole i dig myself into!! Many Thanks for your time. Best regards Pete.
  2. ah what a shame. Would look great with some Airstairs. Never mind what with GSX and all. Still looks a right little smasher though! Thanks for the reply gamesyns.
  3. Hi All done a search to see if there is any info on the Airstairs. They are missing on the B717. But I couldn't find anything. Will there be any? Is it something to be added later? Just curious 'cause i'm only a short a## and getting in and out of it is painfull!
  4. Hi Caribpilot. May i ask what you mean by "PMDG out of the MD-11 game" ?