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  1. Plexi

    Engines Dying in flight

    Hey Guys and Gals. Strange situation has developed. Whilst flying both engines just quit and die. Cannot restart them no matter what i try. This has happened twice now both times whilst in flight. Its not a fuel issue related prob as there is plenty. Don't know if this is related to the recent updates or not but had no issue before then. Don't know what to suggest unfortunately so i am not much help there! Hope this is enough info. regards Plexi.
  2. Plexi

    Any Airstairs?

    ah what a shame. Would look great with some Airstairs. Never mind what with GSX and all. Still looks a right little smasher though! Thanks for the reply gamesyns.
  3. Plexi

    Any Airstairs?

    Hi All done a search to see if there is any info on the Airstairs. They are missing on the B717. But I couldn't find anything. Will there be any? Is it something to be added later? Just curious 'cause i'm only a short a## and getting in and out of it is painfull!
  4. Plexi


    Hi Caribpilot. May i ask what you mean by "PMDG out of the MD-11 game" ?
  5. Plexi

    Virtual Memory

    Hi Guys and Gals. Many thanks for the comments, its much appreciated. I have turned down my Autogen and Scenery Complexity and gave it a poke and a push and its much better. I can do a whole flight now and it copes ok. For @Joseph44 Although things are turned down a few notches so to speak things outside the window still look good, i mean there are little differences but for now i can more than live with it. Inside i have not had any issues with the VC ,albeit quite weird sitting in an MD-11/ MD-88 and seeing Boeing but hey as long as it doesn't say Airbus!! ....ok i doesn't say Boeing, i only jest . Cockpit doesn't look as sharp as it does in some You Tube Vids which i was a bit disappointed with especially when you consider how compressed the Vids are on there. But hey Ho i'm a happy chappy right now. Its a great little addition to my fleet, me thinks if your PC is up to it you'll be happy. To @Novej I have not had to change my FSX.cfg i have not had the option for 4096, its at 1024 and yep all is pretty ok. But don't rule me out looking in the wrong place! As regards P3dv4 I have heard and read good and not so good cant say i have heard or read bad about it. I am gonna leave it on the back burner for awhile and see how things pan out as the weeks go by as Novej said all those addons, Scenery, Aircraft,...hope! Thanks all Many Regards Plexi.
  6. Plexi

    Virtual Memory

    Thanks for the response guys. I guess i'll have to get P3dv4 then? That's a bit steep i think. Spent a small fortune on FSX and all that goes with it as you guys well know and have done yourselves. I am a bit gutted to have to change for one plane though. Why do they not say its not so hot for FSX before you buy it? That really P3D is the way to go with this aircraft. Its a shame, its a great little plane but if its not going to get me any further than 20 or so miles from the field before it comes to a screaming halt and crashes FSX its about as useful as a bus with no wheels! I wonder is there anyone that can max out any of these sims with out these problems cropping up all the time, seems a bit stupid to give all these options in the first place if they are unobtainable. I would have to re-purchase all my PMDG aircraft and i have all of them apart from the piston pounder. Orbx has issues with P3d with a lot of its stuff. i'm getting depressed just typing this!! I think i'm going to go find a dark corner and sit awhile. Thanks Guys regards Plexi.
  7. Plexi

    Virtual Memory

    Hi Guys and Gals. Got an issue that's causing me a right headache. Every time i try to fly this aircraft within 5 to 10 minutes i get a message telling me i have run out of virtual memory then shuts down FSX. My PC Specs are Asus MB X-99 Deluxe. Intel i7-5820k CPU@ 3.30GHZ. Corsair 16mb Ram. NVidia GeForce GTX980 4G On board Memory. 1t SSD. Any ideas. Tried most of what has been suggested but no luck so far. Am i lacking in something somewhere? Thanks in advance Many regards Plexi.
  8. Plexi

    Strange Addon manager behaviour

    Sleep? You mean they let you go home? Thanks Turbofandude I have given it a go but still no dice. Any suggestions...nice one's that is....oops sorry , sure i will open a ticket. Thank you.
  9. Plexi

    Strange Addon manager behaviour

    Not for me. I've just bought the thing as well!! Sat in the cockpit for a quick look then went off to bed. Today i get all of the above Credentials blah blah. Whats even more worrying is i see people posting about it but no response from the Management. Is this normal practice? I would have thought twice about making such an expensive purchase if this is the case. Edit: The House colours look great one of the best I've seen.