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  1. Jovabra Feedback

    someting gets wrong. 2. With FSUIPC - no joy 3. Without FSUIPC and but direct in the Prepar3dV4 controler axis setup also no joy I'm using the reverser in all of them.Doe i need another axis? Regards
  2. Jovabra Feedback

    I'm sorry but my reverser axis doesn't work. I have the latest version installed. 1. With - no joy
  3. Jovabra Feedback

    Is there any "work in progress" about the reversers. At this moment are only the F2/F1 keys the solution. Hot brakes is one item but if your reversers doesn't work so have hot brakes :-)
  4. Jovabra Feedback

    1. I have no CTD with P3V4 after installation of older NVIDIA drivers. I have always problems with the latest drivers. Maybe an option to change your drivers. 2. A observed a strange behavior if i got the advice to use the speedbrake to lower the speed but instantly the power levers advanced to almost the crz target EPR. It's the as in your car if you activate your parking brake and at the same time you hit your accelerator pedal
  5. I have a PFC throttle quadrant with two reverser levers. I'm unable get the reversers working. the power levers are at iddle but no any kind of moving the reverser levers. So with or without a registered FSUIPC. Only the F2 key is working. Is it possible to assing a reverser lever axis to the F2 key? Regards
  6. External light switching is not correct. The Hi-Int light is "on" together with the Nav lights and is not to switch separately. 1. Hi-Int light - Hi -Int light on = the white light on the aft side of the wings 2. Nav Light on = Red and Green light on on the tip of the wing. Regards
  7. Jovabra

    APU start and Parking Brake

    Hi all, Parking brake on as an inhibit to start the APU is not normal. Normal and standard groundhandling procedure: 1. Arriving on the gate position and placing the wheel chocks. Special sign from the marshaller or auto docking system 2. After placing the chocks immediatly releasing the brakes. Reason: to avoid heat transfer from the brakes to the wheels and for safety reason. It is not known how long you keep pressure on the brake. You close the hydraulic pressure return line. Some internal leakage is possible. 3. Just before pushback removing the wheel chocks by the groundhandling staff. 4. In short: Parking brake set to start the APU is not a standard procedure Regards