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  1. Just had my first flight with the 717 in P3D V4.5 last night. And as usual - CTD when switching from external view to internal. ☹️
  2. Unfortunately as the old liveries are all gone - i am unable to find the author who made this beautiful livery. Got a lot of hours in "EWI" on PFly and would like to continue racking up those hours. I'd love to find the original repainter and ask if he/she would be able to update it to support the new version of the plane.
  3. Great news everybody! TomatoShade Version 24 now has a built-in profile for the new version of 717! I guess we can set this topic to RESOLVED!
  4. Can anyone shed some light on how these screenshots were made. Clearly TomatoShade is being used on those shots but the profile that ships with TomatoShade is incompatible with v1.1.0.0. This is the only thing stopping me from flying her again. Oh and also if someone knows who made EI-EWI (Volotea) - if they're planning to update that livery to the current version. Thaaaaanks!
  5. SGSS AA problem has driven me absolutely off the wall with this plane! I use 4x Multisampling + 4xSGSS and no matter what - i have not been able to get the plane working (broken tablet, missing stuff on ND & etc). Reinstalled the Aircraft Clean installed GPU drivers with driver cleaner (several times) Deleted all my NI profiles and recreated them from scratch Cleaned Shaders every time i've changed or reinstalled something Hardware Rendering is OFF. Nothing that i do makes it work! I am very frustrated to say the least! Without SGSS AA the stuff works fine but it makes P3D look like FS9 to be honest and i absolutely hate jaggies!