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  1. HughesMDflyer4

    TFDi Design 717: Blue1 Livery



    The official Blue1 livery for the TFDi Design 717. Installation instructions are within the enclosed text file.
  2. HughesMDflyer4

    Reflectivity layers in Paintkit

    I don't use GIMP, so I'm not sure what's available for it. You could also save it as a standard/uncompressed BMP and use DXTBmp to save the final DDS as DXT5. You'll have to pull the alpha from one of the official liveries and load it into the alpha channel slot in DXTBmp.
  3. HughesMDflyer4

    Reflectivity layers in Paintkit

    The PSDs come with the reflection maps already in the alpha channels. If you're saving as DXT5 from the Photoshop Nvidia DDS plugin, it should save with the alpha in place.
  4. HughesMDflyer4

    Logo light washout

    I'll respond here so that everyone knows where we're at with this. As I'm sure you can understand, we can't use third party modified files in official builds. We can however, make the appropriate changes to our source files. That said, Blend/MultiplyBlend have an unfortunate side effect of disabling the environment map when the lights are on (at dawn/dusk/night). Because of this, we'll likely go the route of custom emissive textures for each livery, as it generally looks the best.
  5. HughesMDflyer4

    New Tomato Profile?

    TomatoShade was used in these shots, however the dynamic reflections system is off and no custom aircraft profile is used. What you see is just about the same as you can get with stock P3D shaders.
  6. HughesMDflyer4

    Aircraft to small in relation to runway

    The 717 is to scale. KVPS has a very wide runway.
  7. HughesMDflyer4

    TFDi Design 717: Spanair Livery



    The official Spanair livery for the TFDi Design 717. Installation instructions are within the enclosed text file.
  8. HughesMDflyer4

    TFDi Design 717 Paintkit

    Version 1.0.0


    Layered PSDs for creating new liveries for the TFDi Design 717.
  9. HughesMDflyer4

    Blurry Cockpit Textures in P3D

    The night lighting textures are still 1K, left over from the v3 and older cockpit lighting system. We'll be re-baking them in the future at 2K for v4.
  10. HughesMDflyer4

    Cosmetic Exteroir

    Texture variations will be up to the repainters, to an extent. We can't do all possible combinations ourselves. To our knowledge, very few 717s have air stairs, and they are rarely used (even Volotea uses external stairs). We might do air stairs at some point, but it's not a high priority. I'd like to do plugs for the eyebrow windows, however I'm not sure if/when this will happen.
  11. Eyebrow windows likely won't happen for 1.1, but it's something I may look at in the future after all the high priority stuff is done.
  12. HughesMDflyer4

    cockpit share connection

    Murat, Please submit a crash report here so that we have the information required to solve the issue:
  13. HughesMDflyer4

    Purchased Product, Where the download link?

    When signed in on the main site, the download link for the TFDi Design Addon Manager can be found under "Hello, <name>!" tab in the menu bar > My Products/Services > TFDi Design 717 > Downloads.
  14. HughesMDflyer4

    Flight dynamics

    Yes, this is normal behavior for aircraft with tail-mounted engines.
  15. HughesMDflyer4

    [SOLVED] Refund request

    Hi Matt, The v4 version of the plane is available through the Community Opt-In Beta. You can join here: