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  1. @Joshua Che. any insight by chance? Thanks.
  2. That's great to hear. Wonder how the fix is going to come....a TFDi update or a P3D hot fix?
  3. Have been able to reproduce this 3 times now. Flying the BLUEM3 arrival, runway 12R transition into KMSP. A discontinuity exists behind the vector waypoint. Trying to clear it, the system reinserts it a few seconds later. Aircraft will fly over the vector waypoint, rock it's wings gradually for 2-3 NM then turn right toward the next fix on the ILS approach. (Then I had a CTD after joining the localizer while accidentally switching views LOL 🤣😭🤦‍♂️)
  4. There was a discontinuity behind it.
  5. Is anyone still having issues with Vector waypoints? I (briefly) dusted the 717 off while waiting for the CTD view change bug to be fixed, flew the BLUEM3 arrival into KMSP runway 12R just now....and sure enough, over the Vector waypoint, the plane started turning right to the next fix (on the ILS approach) after the discontinuity instead of flying heading 301.
  6. Great to hear. We look forward to the results. Seems to be the last big hurdle to finally pull my 717 out of the hangar.
  7. Does 4.5 HF 2 do anything to eliminate the CTDs?
  8. @turbofandude, DhruvK hit it right on the head.
  9. Proper Vector waypoint FMS behavior would still absolutely be in my top 2 or 3 wish list items, behind the view switching CTD fix of course, which sounds close.