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  1. Thank you!! Been waiting for this forever!
  2. I agree, I would have expected to see any kind of N1 indication above 0, just never happens without fuel for me.
  3. I've never found a way other than manually selecting it. I would have expected FMS SPD to take care of it but of course, I could be wrong.
  4. With the announcement of P3D v4.4 features and release this week; is LM providing what’s needed to finally resolve this? Thanks.
  5. Thought it was mostly related to view changing?
  6. Thank you for including on AVSIM as well.
  7. Looks great. Thanks for tackling that livery!
  8. Ugh, I was really hoping for a TWA and new Hawaiian repaint myself.
  9. I did wind up bumping the Vector leg behavior bug, but it’s already listed as “closed” in the Bugs & Suggestions tracker. I may post it again so that it becomes “open” for review.