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  1. Neat livery. I could never find a way to fix that washed-out logo light that covers the tail at night though.
  2. It'd definitely be great to see a commitment to support v5, or at least definitive acknowledgement it won't be supported.
  3. Since the previous FMS vector discussion was blended into several conversations in other threads, I was wondering if there was any progress toward fixing the vector waypoint bug (wings rocking then turning toward the next fix rather than flying the FMS programmed heading)? I had brought this up on Discord, as well as at the Orlando and Vegas FSExpo's the past two summers and demonstrated it at the booth, for those who remember. If not, here's a good video that captures the behavior from another friend of mine: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4khkzqb6h7pgmhv/Prepar3D 2020.03.03 - 17.36.
  4. By chance is this a vector waypoint you're flying to?
  5. And from one of the few resources I have, it says to set Flaps 5 in the after takeoff checklist for dial a flap and it's a common downwind or base setting for drag/descent haha.
  6. Nice video. Guess I didn't realize landing flaps sequence was slats-18-40 for some operators. I usually use 5 in there as well.
  7. Same! The logo light appears to be still a white washed texture for me still in 1.1.4. Between a logo light and vector waypoint fix, especially with the latest CTD fix, I think the 717 is just about "there" for me!
  8. The best 717 news to come out in quite some time.
  9. Same. It's not really usable for me once I open a second VC window.
  10. Well said. I wish there could be some parallel work on a fix on this side of the house (not a workaround to mask a symptom) while waiting for LM to generate theirs. Will continue to standby with the 717 in the hangar.
  11. @Joshua Che. any insight by chance? Thanks.
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