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  1. CaptKornDog

    How good is the new paintkit!

    Looks good. Hope to see many more 717 repaints coming along!
  2. CaptKornDog

    Logo light washout

    For us MCX novices, how do you change the parameter you're referencing?
  3. CaptKornDog

    Master Fuselage

    Thank you!
  4. CaptKornDog

    Liveries requests and reviews here

    Now that the paint kit is out (unfortunately, does not really look compatible with Paint Shop Pro), I’d like to renew my requests for: TWA (globe and AA hybrid liveries) Midwest New Hawaiian Thanks all
  5. CaptKornDog

    Logo light washout

    It looks a little less washed than the beta, but I agree.
  6. CaptKornDog

    Vector segments just turn plane to next fix

    I wouldn’t think so. Any chance this was looked at for the 1.1 release? (Fingers crosses for us VATSIM controllers who may see random turns haha)
  7. CaptKornDog

    LOC ONLY feature thread?

    Ah gotcha, hope you get it resolved then.
  8. CaptKornDog

    Service Door Recessed?

    Sure, don't disagree there. Most plug-type doors do. It does appear pretty exaggerated, though, from the aircraft I've worked (which are only a millimeter or two). Essentially that's what led to my question if it's intentional to be that deeply recessed, or partly a model misalignment.
  9. CaptKornDog

    API.DLL Crash?

    What were you doing when it happened?
  10. With the RC1 model, is it intentional for the service door to still be fairly recessed, and not flush with the fuselage? (had noticed this on the previous model too but figured I'd wait to post until the updated model was released) Thanks.
  11. CaptKornDog

    LOC ONLY feature thread?

    Guess it's my account then.
  12. Is there a reason the "Any prospect of having the LOC ONLY feature modeled? " is listed as Forbidden? I'm trying to access it, because I'd love to see the LOC ONLY feature as well to track localizers inbound on approaches, but can't seem to open it. Thanks.
  13. CaptKornDog

    Vector segments just turn plane to next fix

    I can say the same here. Notable as well on the initial leg of departures like the LAXX and ORCKA out of LAX. Version Thanks.
  14. Don't have a reliable source or document for this, so I won't post it in the bug section. But, should the outer marker PFD indication be amber...or blue?