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  1. Great to hear. We look forward to the results. Seems to be the last big hurdle to finally pull my 717 out of the hangar.
  2. Does 4.5 HF 2 do anything to eliminate the CTDs?
  3. @turbofandude, DhruvK hit it right on the head.
  4. Proper Vector waypoint FMS behavior would still absolutely be in my top 2 or 3 wish list items, behind the view switching CTD fix of course, which sounds close.
  5. Finally some fantastic news! Thank you.
  6. I'm seeing the same, always just have to pull the speed knob.
  7. D'oh. No vector waypoint or view changing CTD fix. 😥
  8. Awesome, definitely a neglected one.
  9. Is there a way to automate this workaround? e.g. create a 1 pixel x 1 pixel new view window by default every time the plane loads?
  10. Perhaps it's just me but did the 717 bug logging/tracking system disappear? I no longer see the tab and my bookmarked links lead to not authorized threads.