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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This ficticious Avianca livery for the TFDi B717-200 is my first upload for a very long time, and only my second with this new paintkit which is great to us. Hope you like this repaint! Enjoy! Fabio
  2. Don't hold your breaths for liveries, sorry!
  3. Hi Keith, Thank you, a Meridiana livery would be very suitable. I might give it a go, but not for a short while as I'm a bit on the back burner with liveries. Thanks, Fabio
  4. Hi, I'll give it a go for you. Could you please help me find me the writing that is on the lower forward and upper rear fuselage as a picture (see JPG) and/or send it to me as a JPG/PNG? Thanks, Fabio
  5. IranAir is done already, but it just needs a tweak with the addition of a logo. Thanks, Fabio
  6. I might take a look at some point, I'm a bit busy with other things.
  7. Hi Noah, Nor I, I use freeware Paint.Net, and very, very freeware skills, LOL! Fabio
  8. Thanks for the update. Sorry folks, paints are on hold until the external fuselage update is released. Note: Continuation thereafter is not gauranteed Fabio
  9. Sorry, the Delta belly is unlikely, the underneath will be spread across way too many texture components, and it would hardly be worth the effort. I don't have the original final source files either, so it would be painting on top of the existing Delta textures, and that's something anyone could try their hand at, you included!
  10. Actually, on reflection, that logo seems to be missing some detail. Keep searching, it's gotta to be out there, otherwise I'll have to make it, and that will take longer than seven day & nights!
  11. Hi, That's the exact logo that I was looking for; a larger version would be even better. Have you the link as well? Thanks, Fabio
  12. Could you help me locate a copy of the "gold" coloured globe /world logo that appears on the front fuselage of TWA 717's?
  13. The bare metal finish is way beyond my abilities, sorry. I might try the TWA livery, but first I'll do an Italian livery. The AirTran might be considered a WIP, but don't hold your breath waiting for it. Fabio
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