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  1. davidnorfolk96

    Blue Screen Crash

    Ahh it might of been my video drivers, not updated in a while. cheers
  2. davidnorfolk96

    717 Addon Manger Suggestions

    @turbofandude would it also be possible to install liveries via the manager also?
  3. davidnorfolk96

    Blue Screen Crash

    Not sure if you guys are aware of this already but as i was getting ready to taxi out of Gatwick (Throttle power was applied). My PC blue screened on me i was playing with the dynamic lighting so it could be that (possibly?) , i've never had this issue in the past. i have used different aircraft & routes & airports to see if it's P3D or Windows related & nothing has happened . So i'm gonna have to put my finger on it & say it was the 717. Cheers
  4. davidnorfolk96


    So i bought the 717, love it! it's a great aircraft to fly and love the detail including the tablet! can't wait to do a fair few flights in it Thanks!