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  1. I've had next to no problems up until yesterday and now, for no reason that I can put my finger on, when I go to load my 717 in P3Dv4, the sim hangs. I wondered if it was EZv2, so have uninstalled, but haven't ceased to use AS 2016 as this has never been a problem. Any advice guys? Thanks Neil
  2. I know we have had some updates but I was wondering whether we are still to expect a Service Pack 1 update?
  3. Neilg

    1.0.4 still very bad performance

    Oh fair enough, that's a bit different.
  4. Neilg

    1.0.4 still very bad performance

    Hi Schmeical Sorry about this, but if your still trying to get a good performance on your i3 machine then you are going to struggle. I know it's frustrating to be told that but our flight sims are always cpu intensive, even P3D with all the work that has been done to shed some of the load onto the graphics card. Upgrades can be an expensive business and God knows I've spent far more than I should on flight sim hardware and software over the years, but I fear there may be no other option in this case. take care Neil
  5. Neilg

    If You're Undecided

    I am a bit of an oldie and I have been simming a long time. I can't tell you how many times I've laboured over a model that upon first release has bugs, is a CPU hog or whatever, only for it to turn out to be, in the end, a positively inconic piece of work. The important thing, as far as I am concerned, is not whether there are problems with the initial release model, although obviously it would be great if it worked 'straight out of the box', but whether developers are willing to communicate and show a willingness to put things right. That way we work together for a good outcome. This is what Colin and the team have done and I must say that this has impressed an old codger like me. All power to you guys, I looking forward to the model brought to fruition. Neil
  6. Neilg


    Hi guys ive been following the development of this model since it has come out on Christmas Eve (or was it the day before?). Anyway, the commitment of the support team has been really impressive and with that kind of back-up it seems to me that this model will be a great success. I've only got one more question before I take the plunge: are you going to construct failures panel eventually? I realise that this might be a way down the road but it would take me that long to just learn how to fly the model. It's all looking good, keep up the good work! th anks Neil
  7. Agreed, this seems like a problem with a setting or a file. I remember the Just Flight Tornado that was down to about 4 FPS when in compatibility mode, but up to 20+ when this was off. A model can always benefit from optimisations but this might not be the principal problem in this case.
  8. Hi all I tried to buy at midnight last night but along with some others had some trouble which we now know was a problem with the website. So this morning I thought to read a few comments before going any further. Some people undoubtedly are having FPS trouble, but others have not mentioned this and spoken about how wonderful the model is. Am I to take it from this that some people simply have not found it to be as hungry a model as others, or is it that some of us have such monster machines that it doesn't really matter? Thanks Neil