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  1. Clorix Thoughts (Awesome job!)

    Is that in reference to the speed restriction, the LIMIT and four dashed lines, or both? I just imagined I was doing something wrong with the speed restriction, and if that's the case, it wouldn't be the first time I messed something up because I didn't read a manual or checklist! Shame on me haha.
  2. Clorix Thoughts (Awesome job!)

    How would I go about doing that? I don't have a registered copy of FSUIPC. I entered it in the HOLD SPEED section on the F-PLN page like this. Then there's that LIMIT with four dashes below it. What is that for?
  3. I just completed my first flight in v1.0.9.28 and I'm loving the new terrain display! It's just that much more immersive for me now, even though it's something as small as that. The hold function seems to work very nicely as well. I only noticed that it overshot during the base leg turn, granted I did increase the speed during the downwind leg to see how it would handle it. In addition, the weather radar range works now (at least for me), which wasn't in the patch notes, so that was definitely a pleasant surprise. Now, the only thing I can think of that would make this thing nearly perfect for me is if I could control trim via my joystick's hat switch. I also have a question about holding in the 717. I tried to change the speed restriction during the hold in the FMS to a couple values (250 and 310 knots) and the AT wouldn't even attempt to maintain those speeds. I pressed the FMS Speed button on the autopilot control panel but it just thrust up to cruise speed instead. I had to manually select the speed for it to maintain what I wanted. Is this just user error, or could that be a bug? I'm not very familiar with the 717 FMS, so I was also curious as to what the FMS is displaying under the LIMIT column while holding. It shows four dashed lines. Is that an altitude restriction or something? Anyway, thanks for all you guys have done as it seems you've been working hard!
  4. Clorix

    Crash to desktop

    Try disabling Hardware Rendering if you haven't already. I used to be able to run the 717 with it enabled, but my displays would be slow. With this newest update, my sim crashes every time with it enabled.
  5. Clorix

    wx radar

    I just finished a flight in the 717 using the newest version (, with hardware rendering disabled. I had the same issue reported by Javier, where the range of the ND makes no difference to what I see displayed. I happened to be streaming that flight, so I've got the entire thing recorded if you think that might help.
  6. Clorix

    Performance Update -

    I've updated to the new version and I did indeed see a significant boost in performance, and it no longer seems to stutter/lunge forward on the ground! The displays work great, although they seem a bit less smooth now, as though they have a refresh rate of about 5 Hz. It's most notable when turning quickly on the ground. The above prompted me to retry enabling Hardware Acceleration. However, when it's enabled, the sim crashes to desktop when it reaches 100% loading progress. I turned off Hardware Acceleration and all is right in the world again. Before the update, I could enable it just fine, but the displays would be laggy for me. All in all, amazing job with this update! Now if only you could make it so that the hat switch on my joystick could operate the trim... I've been wishing for that ever since it launched!
  7. I saw this post from several months ago discussing the hat switch trim issue, so I hesitated on making a new thread. However, now that it's several months down the line, with many improvements since that thread was finished, is there any chance to revisit this? I've recently started getting back into the 717 and have found that it has vastly improved since I last flew it and is very satisfying and enjoyable to fly, but my one complaint is still this trim switch issue. I understand it's all custom, but could there possibly be an option in the Addon Manager that allows those of us who don't have a registered version of FSUIPC to enjoy the aircraft as we would any other? It'd be a pain to have to swap control assignments for one aircraft. Luckily the autopilot does a great job at trimming it, but I'd like to do more hand-flying, and as it is now it just isn't where it could be IMO. Thanks!
  8. Clorix

    FIX page

    I don't mean to hijack the thread here, but I also noticed that I couldn't create range rings as you can in most other Boeing aircraft. In those, such as in the NGX, you can enter a fix in the FIX page, and then down below, enter something like "/30" into the first blank line to create a 30nm ring around that fix. I don't know whether this is possible in the real life 717 since these FMSes are a bit different than those used in the NGX, but just figured I'd ask.
  9. Clorix

    Speed Bugs

    If the speeds show up as small text with an asterisk (*) next to them in the FMS, you need to click the LSK next to each speed to confirm them. That'll insert the speeds onto the speedtape in magenta, and should scroll with the tape as you gain speed.
  10. Clorix


    If you don't want to sign up to download the manuals from MyCockpit, I've added them to my Google Drive, where you can download them here. If this isn't allowed, I'd be happy to delete this post!
  11. Clorix

    Choose Weather Radar Provider?

    That's what I've been doing, which is fine because as I found out today, the REX pop-up weather radar gauge still seems to work even with it renamed. I thought maybe there could be something in the Addon Manager that would allow me to choose specifically which radar to use, which is something I know that at least one other as-yet-unreleased aircraft allows.
  12. First of all, I have to thank you guys big time for all the new updates. They're definitely appreciated, especially the scroll wheel acceleration. That was a big one for me! I'm still having my stuttering issues that are related to having the REX/Milviz weather radar installed. I've since just renamed it so that it never gets loaded at all. However, this got me thinking of a possible workaround if nothing else. Could there be an option to choose which weather radar the aircraft will load? This would allow me to use the REX radar in other aircraft that don't have this issue, while still allowing me a stutter-free experience in the 717. I could then simply choose to have the ASN/AS16 radar loaded instead of the REX one and be on my way without needing to rename the file each time I want to fly something else with the radar. It'd be a set-and-forget type workaround, at least for me. Thanks again!
  13. Clorix

    Sim stutters every second

    I hadn't thought of that, and wouldn't you know it actually worked to stop the stuttering? Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Clorix

    Sim stutters every second

    Submitted, thanks!
  15. Clorix

    Sim stutters every second

    I've updated to and it still stutters every second. Is this something I should submit a ticket for?