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  1. Just going by the attached screenshot in my original post, it looks like VOR 2 is correct, both in that the pointer is actually pointing at the VOR and in that the pointer matches the bearing display at the bottom of the ND.
  2. Yes, I experienced this with each VOR in my route. Those VORs were PNH, BFV, IRW, MLC, and FSM if that helps. All of those VORs were autotuned by the aircraft. I never manually entered any frequencies. Also, in case it's of any relevance, I flew the ILS 07 approach into KFSM, and the aircraft was aligned properly with the localizer. I did not attempt to tune any NDBs to see if they exhibit the same behavior.
  3. I was just looking through some screenshots from my previous 717 flight and noticed that one of the VOR needles was off by about five degrees even though it was tuned to the same VOR as the other. I've attached a screenshot that shows what I mean. The bearings are identical in the bottom section of the ND. This occurs on both the captain- and FO-side NDs. This was my first flight in the 717 in quite a while, so I can't remember if it has been like this forever and I'm just noticing it, or if it was introduced in a recent update. Or, for all I know as a mere armchair pilot, it's meant
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