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  1. You have to arm the Emergency Power after connecting to ground power, or it never trips off.
  2. If someone wants to tackle the Goose on the tail... I have the rest of this going on in the paintshop.
  3. The paintkit works just fine with the 1.1 release.
  4. The model looks so good, and I've been part of an online airline management game where people have provided these great templates to use; and I've transferred one of my creations to the TFDi 717. First time painting a flight sim aircraft in probably... 20 years? I've posted this before, but I think I'm pretty much done with it now; I'm happy where it's at. I've tried to make it as detailed as possible, with the seal on the airstairs, little warning labels, etc. I've taken details from Delta 717s and MD-80s, and Volotea's 717s. The belly is new, taking inspiration from Delta, very obviously. Here's a bit of the evolution, with the final product at the bottom. I'm happy to upload it if people are interested in a completely fictional paint. I highly recommend clicking on the pics to see the fullsize versions! The template: On the TFDi 717:
  5. Both the 717 and the FlythemaddogX do this.
  6. Sim runs smooth, locked at 32 fps. True glass doesn't run at 32 fps, is what I'm saying.
  7. Leaving KDEN for KSAN tonight. The new model looks amazing.
  8. It seems like TrueGlass operates at a much lower frame rate than the surrounding sim; like if my sim is running 30fps, the water only moves at 15 or so... is there a way to improve this at all?
  9. After the short stop at Key West, it’ll be an hour or so before we get airborne again!
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