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  1. Hello, For some reason I cant reply to my support ticket, I get this error http://prntscr.com/grbgod . But anyways for some reason on smartCARS I cant seem to get it to work, I just get an error in my log.txt file in my phpVMS install. Here is the error log ===== Time: 09.29.17 20:07:39 ===== Time: 09.29.17 20:07:39 Backtrace: DB::write_debug > DB::query > ACARSData::updateFlightData > smartCARS::positionreport Query: INSERT INTO phpvms_acarsdata (pilotid,`flightnum`,`pilotname`,`aircraft`,`lat`,`lng`,`heading`,`alt`,`gs`,`depicao`,`arricao`,`deptime`,`arrtime`,`route`,`distremain`,`timeremaining`,`phasedetail`,`online`,`client`,`depapt`,`arrapt`,`lastupdate`) VALUES ('1','MTC3418','Harry Cameron','G-MTQA','52.313732529569','4.7628805964133','207','18','0','EHAM','LOWI',FROM_UNIXTIME(1506712059),FROM_UNIXTIME(1506712059),'EDUPO UZ738 MISGO/N0488F390 UZ741 GMH UL603 TESGA UZ729 BOMBI T104 WLD UM867 BAVAX Z106 MANAL UM736 TULSI','396','N/A','Preflight','VATSIM','smartCARS','Amsterdam Airport Schiphol','Innsbruck Airport',NOW()) Error: (1364) - Field 'route_details' doesn't have a default value ===== Thanks
  2. I've both restarted and reinstalled
  3. Hi, I have changed some information on my aircraft but they are not updating on smartCARS. Why would this be? Regards, Harry
  4. Hi, For some reason my smartCARS installation was working perfectly fine but now I went to change a setting and I get this error: http://prntscr.com/g6x9a7. If I go to http://fly.multicrew.co.uk/core/smartcars/frame.php it loads but for some reason I still get this error. Why is this? Thanks
  5. Hi, Is it at all possible to make a system so that 2 pilots have to fly a certain route together like in shared cockpit but to also have an option for them to fly it by themselves. Would this have to be done within phpVMS? Thanks
  6. Here are a couple of pictures of the textures http://prntscr.com/f4pyrh (Overhead Panel), http://prntscr.com/f4pzkz (Autopilot Panel)
  7. HCStrike

    Lights cause sim to freeze

    No actually, it works fine and does not freeze when I disable it
  8. Mine is set at 2048 but I'm getting them almost all the time
  9. HCStrike

    Lights cause sim to freeze

    I am using norton, yes
  10. Turning on lights such as the emergency exit lights or the flood lights cause my P3D to freeze
  11. Hello, Does anyone know why I get blurry textures in the VC in the 717 and how I can fix them? Thanks
  12. I understand that, what I mean is that say for example when you turn off a jet engine. You are cutting the fuel supply, the engine still slowly cools down and there is an audible cool down noise. The same thing should happen with the APU
  13. My thoughts exactly, there should still be some amount of cooldown weather its big or small
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I have seen it go from 100 to 0 instantly and also heard it go from full on to full off with no slow cooldown
  15. Should there not be a cooldown time though?