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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This repaint includes various visual enhancements, recolorization, and added details to the original Delta Air Lines textures developed by TFDi. Uploaded with permission. New "visual enhancements" include: New registration: N935AT Re-colored Delta Onward and Upward livery to increase in-game visual accuracy in certain lighting conditions Added operator-specific badging and branding details Modified nose-gear door textures to extend blue and add warning placards and additional text Various other minor texture modifications and realism tweaks Built and tested for P3D ver 3.4x. Reported as also compatible with the FSX version of the airplane. Thanks for downloading this livery and especially thanks to the entire TFDi team for a great-looking airplane!
  2. V1-Vr-V2

    Key Assignments for Autothrottle/Autopilot

    Yes, very. I've never done a custom control in FSUIPC so I appreciate the info!
  3. Not sure if you've seen it, but they've posted a changelog here: https://tfdidesign.com/index.php?m=devtracker&p=changelog&id=7 I agree thought that it'd be nice to have a forum sticky with each version or some sort of push notification though to tell us to go into the manager and update.
  4. V1-Vr-V2

    Speeds Not Correct

    I had this happen last night using a CI of 25. I was flying LAS-LAX and entered a manual speed / altitude constraint for one of the waypoints since the profile would have required an excessive descent rate. After editing that single waypoint, all subsequent waypoints then set themselves to the thousand-plus knot restriction as shown in signmanbob's screenshot above. To fix it, I had to manually set each waypoint speed / altitude./ altitude constraint for each one of the waypoints. Which, by the way, it appears that we cannot just enter " 250/ " or " /13000 " but instead have to have both the speed and the altitude. Forgive me because it's been a while since I've operated a Honeywell FMC, but aren't you typically able to enter speed, altitude, or both and then line-select the waypoint in the flightplan page?
  5. V1-Vr-V2

    Current Version?

    This link was posted in another thread: https://tfdidesign.com/index.php?m=devtracker&p=changelog&id=7
  6. V1-Vr-V2

    List of known bugs and what's been fixed

    I've seen issue tracking done with other (less well-supported) add-ons via a community Google Docs spreadsheet. If the TFDi guys are busy fixing and improving the 717, maybe someone can setup a G-docs sheet and take this on? I'm sure they have their own list but I do agree that it did made a convenient spot to keep track of things so that the same "my xyz doesn't seem to work" question doesn't keep popping-up in the forums every 5th post.
  7. V1-Vr-V2

    No TOC/TOD

    That's great news -- was wondering about that myself. Thanks
  8. V1-Vr-V2

    Can We Hide or Minimize the Yokes?

    Agreed - would be nice to have! Thanks!